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Chicago European Union Film Festival 2017
Opening Night film! U.S. premiere!

20,000 Reasons

2016, Jameson Cucciardi, Malta, 80 min. With Maria Pia Meli, Aldo Zammit.

Show Times

  • Fri, Mar 3rd 6:00pm
  • Mon, Mar 6th 6:00pm

All’s well that ends well in this good-hearted romantic comedy that kicks off Malta’s current tenure in the presidency of the European Union. When Sophie (Meli), a career woman focused on making her fledgling PR firm thrive, gives her gold-digger fiancé the boot, her imperious granny, who holds the wealthy family’s purse strings, sets the 30-year-old a deadline to get married or forfeit her inheritance. It’s a rollicking plot that mixes it up with a gardener with a secret plan, a cheating bombshell of a sister, a weak-willed dad, and a bumbling matchmaker priest. The film represents an early step in fostering an indigenous Maltese film industry; it was produced through a training program initiated by the Malta Film Commission and made possible through funds awarded by the European Social Fund. In English and Maltese with English subtitles. Courtesy of the Malta Film Commission. DCP digital. (BS)

Note: No free passes, regular festival passes, or blue tickets will be valid for the opening night screening on March 3.

MARCH 3: Immediately following the Opening Night film and program, the audience is invited to a reception in our Gallery/Café generously hosted by The Hopleaf Bar and the Consulate General of Malta, Detroit. Coffee sponsored by Intelligentsia.

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