The Apu Trilogy

September 4 – 7

"The great, sad, gentle sweep of the Apu Trilogy remains in the mind of the moviegoer as a promise of what film can be. Standing above fashion, it creates a world so convincing that it becomes, for a time, another life we might have lived." – Roger Ebert, Chicago Sun-Times

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Cinema all'italiana:

Films from the Post-Neorealist Era

September 4 – 30

A series of eleven Italian films from the 1960s and after, demonstrating the various ways in which Italian filmmakers in the post-neorealist era absorbed the heritage of neorealism while expanding it into other directions.

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Cities In Cinema

September 8 – December 15

A series exploring connections between cinema and the modern city, with Tuesday lectures by Fred Camper, artist and longtime art and film critic for the Chicago Reader.

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The Irish American Movie Hooley

September 25 - 27

A rousing celebration of filmmakers whose work celebrates the passion, humor, and swagger of the Irish diaspora.

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Conversations at the Edge Fall 2015

September 24 – November 19

A weekly series of screenings, performances, and talks by groundbreaking media artists, organized by the School of the Art Institute's Department of Film, Video, New Media, and Animation in collaboration with the Film Center.

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