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Film Series : 30th Annual Festival of Films from Iran

A Hairy Tale


2019, Amir Homayoun Ghanizadeh, Iran, 100 min.
With Saber Abar, Ali Nasirian

Show Times

  • Sun, Feb 9th 5:15pm

“Eccentric fantasy, a dark fairy tale…a refreshing turn from the honest social realism of Iranian movies that the festival audience is most familiar with.”—Joanna Konczak, Asian Movie Pulse

This delightfully bizarre black comedy by one of Iran’s best-known avant-garde stage directors pays tribute to the surrealism of playwrights including Beckett and Ionesco, with special effects hinting at the visual imagination of Czech filmmaker Jan Svankmajer. A barbershop with an old-time retro air is the setting for dark and sometimes macabre flights of fancy involving Kazem, the owner, who harbors a nostalgic passion for the movie CASABLANCA, and his employees Danesh and Shapour. Danesh’s dream of a film career comes to life in elaborate fantasy sequences, while a murder mystery intrudes on his dreams. Tellingly, women remain an elusive presence in this male milieu, symbolized by a disembodied hank of hair and a movie poster. In Persian with English subtitles. DCP digital. (BS)

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