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Film Series : Abbas Kiarostami

A Wedding Suit

Lebasi Baray-e Arusi / aka A Suit for the Wedding

1976, Abbas Kiarostami, Iran, 60 min. (Total show: 84 min.)
With Mohammad Fazih Motaleb, Massud Zand Begleh, Mehdi Nekui

Show Times

  • Sat, Sep 28th 5:00pm

Plottier than usual for Kiarostami, A WEDDING SUIT is a comedy with a bitter undertone of class and age divisions. It marks a return to the shop-boy world of EXPERIENCE, but this time with three young protagonists. Ali is an assistant in a tailor shop; his pals Hossein and Mamad both want to borrow a suit that has recently been made there for an upper-class boy. The puzzles posed by the plot are: Which boy will get the coveted garment? What is the purpose he intends to use it for? And will it be returned to the shop before its absence is noticed?

Preceded by TWO SOLUTIONS FOR ONE PROBLEM (1975, 6 min.), a cheeky moral lesson described by Jonathan Rosenbaum as "Laurel & Hardy directed by Robert Bresson;" and HOW TO MAKE USE OF LEISURE TIME: PAINTING (1977, 18 min.), in which two boys refurbish a door. All in Persian with English subtitles. New DCP digital restorations. (MR)

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