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  1. 2001, Steven Spielberg, USA, 145 min.
  2. With Haley Joel Osment, Jude Law

“It may be Spielberg’s most personal film, as well as his most thoughtful. It might make you cry; it's just as likely to give you the creeps--which is as it should be. This is a movie people will be arguing about for many years to come.”
—Jonathan Rosenbaum, Chicago Reader

This Pinocchio story for the computer age was developed by Stanley Kubrick, who bequeathed it to Spielberg. In the not-too-distant future, a bereaved couple replace their comatose son with a robotic boy (Osment), only to set him adrift in a cruel and corrupt world (epitomized by the “Flesh Fair,” one of Spielberg’s greatest--and most disturbing--set pieces). A.I. intriguingly asks what it really means to be human through the plight of a cyber-child created to think and feel, and eerily balances the back-to-the-womb angst of Spielberg on the visionary edge of Kubrick. 4K DCP. (BS)

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