Fri, Apr 29th at 6:00pm
Sat, Apr 30th at 8:30pm
Wed, May 4th at 6:00pm
Thu, May 5th at 6:15pm
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Chicago premiere!

  1. 2011, Matt Harlock and Paul Thomas, UK, 101 min.

“An illuminating snapshot…what it meant to really know this ‘outlaw’ comic.”
—Toby Weidmann, Electric Sheep Magazine

“A fascinating portrait of a born funnyman who seemed to know early on that his time was limited.”
—Joe Leydon, Variety

Caustic humor that ripped the scab off every issue troubling or dividing America, from flag-burning to racism, became the trademark of comic Bill Hicks, an artist who was often reviled at home with post-Reagan outrage even as he was lionized abroad. Through encounters with ten people who knew him best, the filmmakers assemble the definitive portrait of Hicks, now revered as a standup legend in the wake of his untimely death of cancer in 1994, at the age of 32. Rare footage and “lost” tapes take a Southern Baptist 15-year-old from clandestine appearances at a Houston comedy club through the crash-and-burn years of alcohol and hallucinogens, to cult stardom as the nation’s social conscience. HDCAM video. (BS)

Following the Saturday screening, Ain't It Cool News critic Steve "Capone" Prokopy will moderate a Skype interview and audience discussion with London-based co-directors Matt Harlock and Paul Thomas.

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Due to a scheduling change, the Thursday, May 5 show at 8:30 PM has been CANCELLED. The 6:15 show will take place as scheduled. We apologize for any inconvenience.