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2015, Barbet Schroeder, Switzerland/France, 96 min. With Marthe Keller, Max Riemelt, Bruno Ganz.

Show Times

  • Fri, Jul 28th 6:00pm
  • Sat, Jul 29th 5:30pm
  • Sat, Jul 29th 7:45pm
  • Sun, Jul 30th 5:45pm
  • Mon, Jul 31st 8:00pm
  • Wed, Aug 2nd 8:15pm
  • Thu, Aug 3rd 6:00pm
Chicago premiere!

"A thoughtful, sensitive character study." — Scott Foundas, Variety

"A suggestively, subtly told piece, to which the too rare Ms. Keller brings a graceful yet intensely layered performance, attentively directed by Mr. Schroeder; it's almost a love letter from a director to an actress who has seldom been better." — Jorge Mourinha, The Flickering Wall

Over the course of a half-century, Barbet Schroeder has fashioned one of the most intriguingly eclectic filmmaking careers, marked by a recurring fascination with situations and characters that challenge moral assumptions, including a bloodthirsty dictator (IDI AMIN DADA), a filthy-rich murder defendant (REVERSAL OF FORTUNE), and a teenage hit man (OUR LADY OF THE ASSASSINS). AMNESIA is a deeply personal project, returning to the Ibiza location of Schroeder's first film MORE and featuring a central character based on his own mother. The story begins in 1990; Martha (Keller of MARATHON MAN and FEDORA) is a German musician living in self-imposed exile in Ibiza who, following World War II, completely renounced her native land. Her self-righteous isolation is challenged by the fall of the Berlin Wall and by a romantically charged friendship with Jo (Riemelt), a young German DJ who moves in next door. The title refers to a famous Ibiza nightclub of the era, but another meaning emerges when Jo's mother and grandfather (Ganz) arrive for a visit that will awaken the ghosts of the past. In English and German with English subtitles. DCP digital. (MR)

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