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First Chicago run!

  1. 2010, Steven Soderbergh, USA, 89 min.
  2. With Spalding Gray

"A tour de force of smart and sensitive editing...funny, illuminating, and poignant."
—A.O. Scott, The New York Times

"A celebration of Gray’s irrepressible lust for life and bottomless curiosity about the strange and beautiful world around him. It does justice to a subject who made his life and death works of art."
—Nathan Rabin, The Onion A.V. Club

Spalding Gray, master of the painfully funny autobiographical monologue, died in a probable suicide in 2004. Steven Soderbergh, who directed Gray in KING OF THE HILL and GRAY'S ANATOMY, spent three years compiling this fitting tribute that distills over 90 hours of interview and performance footage into a Spalding Gray super-monologue. Gray's own inimitable voice and eloquent words take us through his life in chronological sequence, including his denial-filled childhood, first sexual experiences (hetero and homo), early acting gigs (from O'Neill to porno), discovery of his storytelling talents, co-founding of the Wooster Group, late emergence as a family man, and devastating auto accident. The result is a unique testament to the fluid interplay between theater and life, and to the quintessentially American flair for self-invention--as Gray said, "I like telling the story of life better than I do living it." HDCAM video. (MR)

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