Tue, May 29th at 8:04pm
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  1. (2009, Lars von Trier, Denmark/Germany/
  2. France/Sweden/Italy/Poland, 104 min.)
  3. With Willem Dafoe and Charlotte Gainsbourg

"Stunning...ANTICHRIST is the most sadistic battle-of-the-sexes comedy ever
made." —Michael Phillips, Chicago Tribune.

A troubled couple, known only as He and She (Dafoe and Gainsbourg), retreat to a remote cabin (called Eden) after their infant son falls his death. Increasingly drawn to the dark, sinister forest surrounding the cabin (populated by seemingly possessed animals, including a gutted, talking fox), the couple soon cracks at the seams and their interactions devolve into primal, sadomasochistic sexual violence. Ever the provocateur, von Trier’s “horror” film divided Cannes audiences with its graphic images and relentless morbidity. Powerful, visceral, raw, and made on his own terms, von Trier’s latest is required viewing – for fans and detractors alike. 35mm widescreen. ()

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