Chicago connection! David J. Steiner in person! Film Series : Black Harvest Film Festival 2016

Saving Barbara Sizemore

2016, David J. Steiner, USA, 83 min.

Show Times

  • Sun, Aug 28th 3:00pm
  • Wed, Aug 31st 6:00pm

The Betty Shabazz-Barbara A. Sizemore Academy has been called "an urban village, an oasis in the heart of Englewood." In 2015, it was one of four charter schools put on the chopping block by Chicago Public Schools. The school fought back, and teacher/filmmaker Steiner captured the struggle in this engaging, persuasive film, which conveys the school's unique family atmosphere and emphasis on African culture, while documenting its enlistment of high-profile supporters such as Richard Steele and Cornell West, and its deployment of a delegation in a Michael Moore-style crashing of the CPS headquarters. (MR)

This is a family-friendly film.

AUGUST 28: Director David J. Steiner will be present for audience discussion, moderated by CBS 2 Chicago's traffic reporter Derrick Young. Following the screening, Real Men Charities, Inc. will host a reception.

AUGUST 31: Director David J. Steiner will be present for audience discussion.