The "Before" Trilogy

  1. The "Before" Trilogy

“The great romantic epic of a generation.”—A.O. Scott, The New York Times

Richard Linklater’s BEFORE SUNRISE and its sequels BEFORE SUNSET and BEFORE MIDNIGHT collectively form a rich fourth-dimensional experience of romance shaped by place, memory, and time. We bring the three together on the big screen for an enchanted evening (or afternoon) of love, loss, chance, chat, regret, and rebirth. All three films may be seen in one day on either August 31 or September 1, or you can mix and match them on different days at a special discount rate. (MR)


Buy a ticket to BEFORE SUNRISE, BEFORE SUNSET, or BEFORE MIDNIGHT, and get a ticket for any shows of the other two films at this discount rate (tickets must be purchased at the same time): General Admission $7; Students $6; Members $4. (This discount rate applies to the second and third films only. Discount rate available only at the Film Center box office.)



Fri, Aug 30th at 6:00pm
Fri, Aug 30th at 8:15pm
Sat, Aug 31st at 6:00pm
Sat, Aug 31st at 8:15pm
Sun, Sep 1st at 7:30pm
Mon, Sep 2nd at 3:00pm
Mon, Sep 2nd at 5:15pm
Tue, Sep 3rd at 6:00pm
Tue, Sep 3rd at 8:15pm
Thu, Sep 5th at 6:00pm
Thu, Sep 5th at 8:15pm
Average: 4.6 (30 votes)
  1. 2013, Richard Linklater, USA, 109 min.
  2. With Ethan Hawke, Julie Delpy

“One of the great movie romances of the modern era achieves its richest and fullest expression...Exquisite, melancholy, hilarious and cathartic.”
—Justin Chang, Variety

“Very close to perfect...funnier and more poignant than before.”
—A.O. Scott, The New York Times

The first two films in the BEFORE trilogy set the bar very high, but Linklater and his two remarkable actors managed to come up with a threequel that critics found even more impressive--perhaps the most acclaimed film of the year so far. MIDNIGHT is sharper and darker than its predecessors, though just as witty and touching, and it tackles a more challenging subject, because maintaining love is a thornier task than finding love. The story finds Celine and Jesse in the middle of their lives, winding up a vacation on a Greek peninsula where the strength of their love will be put to the test as never before. DCP. (MR)

August 30--September 5
Fri., Sat., Tue., and Thu. at 6:00 pm and 8:15 pm;
Sun. at 7:30 pm;
Mon. at 3:00 pm and 5:15 pm

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Sat, Aug 31st at 2:15pm
Sun, Sep 1st at 3:00pm
Wed, Sep 4th at 6:30pm
Average: 4.9 (22 votes)
  1. 1995, Richard Linklater, USA, 101 min.
  2. With Ethan Hawke, Julie Delpy

“Watching this movie is like falling in love.”
—Michael Wilmington, Chicago Tribune.

“This film belongs among the dozen or so that exemplify ‘cinema’ at its finest.”
—Robin Wood, Cineaction.

In the trilogy’s first film, Linklater blazed a new path for modern screen romance (LOST IN TRANSLATION is hugely indebted to it) while drawing gracefully on the grand tradition of BRIEF ENCOUNTER and AN AFFAIR TO REMEMBER. Meeting by chance on a train from Budapest, American backpacker Jesse (Hawke) and Parisian student Celine (Delpy) decide to spend the night wandering through Vienna before his plane departs the next morning. As they walk, talk, flirt, fantasize, and mingle with the poets, punks, cafes, and Ferris wheels of Vienna, their brief time together becomes haunted by a sense of what might have been and what still might be. 35mm. (MR)

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Sat, Aug 31st at 4:15pm
Sun, Sep 1st at 5:00pm
Wed, Sep 4th at 8:30pm
Average: 4.5 (26 votes)
  1. 2004, Richard Linklater, USA, 80 min.
  2. With Ethan Hawke, Julie Delpy

“Sweet, smart, and deeply romantic...BEFORE SUNSET is all one could wish for in a sequel--it enriches, glosses, and completes the original.”
—J. Hoberman, Village Voice

“★★★★ Few movie sequels equal or top their predecessors, but BEFORE SUNSET is one of them.”
—Jonathan Rosenbaum, Chicago Reader

Nine years after the fateful night of BEFORE SUNRISE, Jesse (Hawke) and Celine (Delpy) cross paths again in a Paris bookshop and embark on a soul-searching Seine-side ramble bathed in golden late-afternoon light. Employing long, unbroken takes and real-time duration, Linklater and his actors (who collaborated on the screenplay) invest their characters with extraordinary spontaneity, depth, and resonance. 35mm. (MR)

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