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Chicago European Union Film Festival 2018
Chicago premiere!

Boy on the Bridge

Το αγόρι στη γέφυρα / To agóri sti géfyra

2016, Petros Charalambous, Cyprus, 85 min. With Constantino Farmakas, Andreas C. Tselepos.

Show Times

  • Wed, Apr 4th 6:00pm
  • Thu, Apr 5th 8:30pm

"Reveals the troubling truths about a family that on the surface looks perfect." - Ulkar Alakbarova, Let the Movies Move Us

In this drama based on the novel "The Land of the Golden Apple" by Eve Makis, the peace of an idyllic Cypriot village is shattered and a boy's childhood comes to an abrupt end one day in 1988, when a murder is discovered at the height of the local holiday carnival. The increasingly dangerous pranks of twelve-year-old Socrates border on delinquency, when, in league with his cousin and under the influence of a grizzled veteran, he models himself on the naïve fantasy of the freedom-fighter grandfather he never met. A fireworks caper that goes too far not only blows a series of intimate family secrets wide open but makes the boy a prime suspect in the murder. In Greek with English subtitles. Courtesy of AMP Filmworks. ProRes digital. (BS)

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