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Film Series: Runs & Limited Engagements

The Breadwinner

2017, Nora Twomey, Canada/Ireland/Luxembourg, 93 min.

Show Times

  • Fri, Jan 26th 2:00pm
  • Sat, Jan 27th 3:00pm
  • Sun, Jan 28th 3:00pm
  • Mon, Jan 29th 7:45pm
  • Tue, Jan 30th 6:00pm
  • Wed, Jan 31st 8:00pm
  • Thu, Feb 1st 6:00pm

"In its power and its beauty, THE BREADWINNER reminds us that animation can be every bit as much of a medium for adults as it is for children.” — Kenneth Turan, Los Angeles Times

"Jewel-bright and heart-wrenching... joins the ranks of such hard-hitting animated features as WALTZ WITH BASHIR and PERSEPOLIS in its artful alchemy of personal particulars through the prism of political conflict." — Sheri Linden, Hollywood Reporter

This beautifully animated tale by the co-director of Oscar-nominated THE BOOK OF KELLS is set in Taliban-controlled Afghanistan in 2001, where the survival of a family comes down to the heroism of plucky and curious eleven-year-old Parvana. Full of adventure and vibrant with girl-power, this sensitive story opens a window on the conflict between extremism and the traditional values of an ancient culture, bringing mythic storytelling elements into the mix. Parvana’s dad has been wrongfully jailed, and women are forbidden to leave home unless accompanied a male guardian. Parvana rises to the challenge to save her beloved dad, dressing as a boy and going out into the streets to discover for the first time what freedom feels like. Executive produced by Angelina Jolie. In English. DCP digital widescreen. (BS)

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