Brenna Murphy


Thu, Sep 27th at 6:00pm
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Brenna Murphy in person!

  1. Brenna Murphy
  1. 2011-12, Brenna Murphy, USA, ca. 60 min.

Presented in collaboration with Lampo ( Mixing raw footage with sophisticated 3D graphics, Portland-based artist Brenna Murphy creates videos, soundscapes, and downloadable virtual realms in an on-going exploration of psychedelia across physical and virtual realities. For her premiere Chicago appearance, she presents a collection of her videos “structured to function as a temporal mandala” and a performance entitled SkyFace~TextureMappr (2012). Built specifically for CATE and Lampo, Brenna Murphy’s performance explores a brand new virtual space accompanied by textured soundscapes generated from a home-made analog synthesizer and her own voice. Various formats. (Robyn Farrell)

Brenna Murphy will be present for audience discussion.