Sun, Jan 13th at 4:45pm
Thu, Jan 17th at 8:15pm
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Imported print!

  2. 1988, Jean Rouch, Titte Törnroth,
  3. and Raul Ruiz, France/Sweden, 90 min.

This rarely screened anthology film was commissioned by the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The three directors were invited to film a half-hour episode each during a cruise of a Swedish icebreaker ship through the Baltic Sea. Rouch’s episode is a poetic account of the everyday life of the crew. Törnroth concentrates on the captain and the navigator. Crossing over from documentary to fiction, Ruiz’s mind-bending episode evokes LA JETÉE, NOSFERATU, and Poe in a series of still photographs of a man who may or not be the narrator, and may or may not have turned to ice. In French with English subtitles. Beta SP video courtesy of the Institut Français. (MR)

Important Note

BRISE-GLACE, scheduled for Sunday at 4:45 and Thursday at 8:15 as part of our Jean Rouch series, is an omnibus film consisting of three half-hour episodes by different directors. The copy we received from France contains only the first two episodes, by Jean Rouch and Titte Törnroth. The third episode, by Raul Ruiz, is missing. The Institut Français is unable to locate it; it has evidently been misplaced or lost.

We will show the first two episodes as scheduled. Admission will be FREE (tickets available in person at the box office only).  We regret the inconvenience.