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2018, Lee Chang-dong, South Korea, 148 min.
With Yoo Ah-in, Jun Jong-seo, Steven Yuen

Show Times

  • Fri, Mar 1st 3:00pm
  • Fri, Mar 1st 6:30pm
  • Sat, Mar 2nd 2:00pm
  • Sun, Mar 3rd 2:30pm
  • Mon, Mar 4th 6:30pm
  • Wed, Mar 6th 6:30pm

“A languorous, catlike psychological puzzle from one of the essential international masters…immaculate and beautifully acted.”--Michael Phillips, Chicago Tribune

“Wondrous and narcotically singular…layers mystery upon mystery, Hitchcock by way of Haneke.”--Ray Pride, NewCity

Sitting high on many a year-end ten-best list, and short-listed for an Oscar nomination, BURNING is a slowly simmering psychological thriller that may or may not be a murder mystery. Lee, the prize-winning director of POETRY and SECRET SUNSHINE, adapted a Haruki Murakami story with his own twists and haunting visuals for a seductively elusive tale in which the facts forever slip out of grasp. Jongsu (Yoo), a young unemployed writer, reconnects with Haemi (Jun), a flighty childhood friend and aspiring actress. After their brief liaison, she takes off on a trip to Africa, leaving him to his erotic fantasies. Haemi’s return with wealthy new friend Ben (Yuen) in tow initiates an uneasy triangle in which nothing is clear, not even her exact relationship to this possessive newcomer. Is the Porsche-driving braggart Ben a killer or simply an annoying prig? Are the disturbing things Jongsu sees actually real? Director Lee leads the viewer into a dark maze of uncertainty. In Korean with English subtitles. DCP digital widescreen. (BS)

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