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23rd Annual Chicago European Union Film Festival

By a Sharp Knife

Ostrým nozom

2019, Teodor Kuhn, Slovakia, 89 min.
With Roman Luknár, Ela Lehotská

Show Times

  • Sat, Mar 21st 7:45pm
  • Tue, Mar 24th 6:00pm

“A family tragedy in a broken system…serves as a statement of social activism.”—Martin Kudlac, Screen Anarchy

A family is torn apart by grief and guilt when the police come calling late one night, requesting the parents to identify the body of their only son David. Based on a high-profile 2005 murder in Bratislava that exposed Mafia influence at the highest levels, this drama becomes a gripping psychological study of a father-son conflict and the father’s belated contrition in the search for justice for his murdered boy. Out to celebrate his high school graduation with friends, David is attacked by four skinheads lurking under a bridge. The case would seem clear-cut, but, to the family’s dismay, the perpetrators are protected and coddled by authorities, who seek to put the blame on the victim. In Slovak with English subtitles. DCP digital widescreen. Courtesy of Wide House. (BS)

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