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One of Kael's last great causes célèbres was CASUALTIES OF WAR, a film that divided critics and represented a marked change-of-pace for a director whose stylish thrillers she had long championed. Based on a real incident from the Vietnam War, it tells of a...


The Greek myth of Diana the huntress is the inspiration and reworked narrative for director Barney (CREMASTER cycle, DRAWING RESTRAINT) in a long-awaited new film set in the pristine snowy wilderness of Idaho’s Sawtooth Mountains, where visual purity is a striking...


Emergency healthcare provided at breakneck speed and with the precarious action-packed outcome of a video game is the astonishing subject of this documentary set in the late-night streets of Mexico City, where ambulance service is largely left to the self-taught...


FERAT VAMPIRE is a satire on consumerism, a potent piece of anti-automobile propaganda, and perhaps the purest horror exercise that Herz produced. Marek (Menzel) is upset to lose his ambulance driver, Mima (Veškrnová), to a job working as a rally driver for...