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An exhilaratingly ambitious reflection on art, LA BELLE NOISEUSE (rough translation: "the beautiful troublemaker") centers on the psychological duel between an aging painter (Piccoli) and his reluctant model (Béart), which begins in wary hostility, escalates into...


This telling portrait of Joseph Beuys makes plain the audacity and intellectual depth of this avant-garde artist-philosopher, who maintained that “everyone is an artist.” Labeled “the Andy Warhol of Germany” but often ridiculed in his homeland, Beuys created...


THE SACRIFICE is Tarkovsky’s last and perhaps most moving film, made in exile while he was dying of cancer. Its theme is a grand and urgent one: the lack of spirituality in the modern world. The hero is a writer living on a remote Baltic island when his birthday...


Dreyer's masterpiece is frequently and rightfully ranked among the handful of greatest films ever made (it was #9 in the 2012 Sight & Sound poll). Set during the final hours of Joan's life and based on verbatim court records, the film is no sanctimonious...


In 1960, renowned paleoanthropologist Louis Leakey sent an adventurous 26-year-old secretary with no scientific training to Tanzania to study chimpanzees. Jane Goodall went on to become a trailblazing primatologist whose unprecedented (and never equaled) access to...


"I'm just like anybody else." This sleeper hit, which could be titled "Banality of Evil, Jr.," has captivated millennials with its chillingly relatable depiction of the gawky Ohio teenager who would soon grow up to be one of the most notorious serial killers,...