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This revealing, politically hair-raising documentary portrait makes it clear that, at the age of 90, the vain, shoe-loving former first lady of the Philippines still has a firm grip on power behind the scenes as she maneuvers to catapult her son Ferdinand Jr., aka...


This low-budget film noir features a deep dive into L.A.'s seedy nightworld, enriched by the shadowy genius of noir's greatest cinematographer, John Alton (RAW DEAL, THE BIG COMBO). Payne, the rumpled everyman of such classic noirs as 99 RIVER STREET and KANSAS...


Set in 1942, during the Nazi occupation of France, director Losey's unnerving drama of identity and complicity channels Kafka's parables of nightmarish bureaucracies, Hitchcock's thrillers of mistaken identity, and Losey's own experiences as a blacklisted leftist...


This most fragmented, self-referential, and self-indulgent neo-Western in history—produced, written, directed, and featuring Dennis Hopper at the height of his drug-fueled post-EASY RIDER triumph—gave the star the screen martyrdom of his dreams and the career-...