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Based on Joseph Joffo's best-selling memoir (for many years assigned reading in French schools), A BAG OF MARBLES evokes HOPE AND GLORY and AU REVOIR LES ENFANTS in its sharp counterpointing of boyhood nostalgia and the harsh realties of wartime life. As Nazi...


Billed as the world's first fully oil-painted feature film, LOVING VINCENT consumed seven years of labor and 125 artists to create the 65,000 hand-painted frames, extrapolated from Van Gogh's works, that bring the painter's world to life in all its pulsating,...


OPEN CAPTIONED SHOWTIME: Wednesday, April 25 at 6 PM

"I'm just like anybody else." This sleeper hit, which could be titled "Banality of Evil, Jr.," has captivated millennials with its chillingly relatable depiction of the gawky Ohio...


Director Masharawi (LAILA'S BIRTHDAY, TICKET TO JERUSALEM) poses high-stakes questions with no easy answers in this intense drama that has the impact of a cautionary tale. Featuring an international cast of notable actors representing Egypt, Lebanon, Syria, and...