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Delusions and the forces of history close in on three individuals whose fates are linked in this metaphysically tinged tale that sifts the consequences of ambitions and dreams as the Holocaust changes the direction of their lives. Pierre (Philippe Duquesne), a...


A women’s revolt in a small town harks back to the early-Seventies days of women’s lib in a cheering story that delivers winsome comedy with a timely ironic bite and a hint of nostalgia. It’s men against the women in 1971 in the Swiss Alps, where women are still...


The 8 PM screening on Friday 11/10 is now SOLD OUT!

Home-grown front-page scandal is dissected in this Kartemquin-produced documentary detailing how the placid farm town of Dixon, Illinois, claiming fame as the boyhood home of Ronald...


The gloriously explosive extravaganza of the annual fireworks festival in Tultepec, Mexico, is the setting for this documentary offering a non-stop feast for the eyes. This town where three-quarters of the residents are employed in the manufacture of handmade...