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Free Admission! View and purchase unique items from Black owned businesses from 1 PM to 5 PM. From jewelry and fashion to food and children’s artwork, we’ll have it all!

On Thursday, August 16 and Monday, August 20, we will have two more pop ups to give...


Cheeky, dazzling, and ultimately sobering, this audacious first fictional feature by documentary filmmaker Layton (THE IMPOSTER) is based on the 2004 "Transy Book Heist." Four bored college kids aspire to make themselves special by pilfering a trove of rare books...


A Caribbean coming-of-age classic in the tradition of SUGAR CANE ALLEY, Michael Mooleedhar's first feature is adapted from Michael Anthony's acclaimed 1967 novel. Set in 1952, the story centers on the 15-year-old boy Shellie (Tafari), whose poor but closely knit...


After her mother dies, gutsy little Frida (Artigas), a mop-headed girl with an attitude despite her six years, is sent from Barcelona to live with her aunt and uncle and their four-year-old daughter Anna at their woodsy and remote home in the country. An angel and...


Five gritty tales of city life, two of them set in the all-too-conceivable future: IMAN AND THE LIGHT WARRIORS (2017, 15 min.) by Jarrett Woo; WAR PAINT (2018, 17 min.) by Katrelle N. Kindred; CIVIC MIND (2018, 19 min.) by Adonis Williams; GOOD KIDD (2017, 15 min...