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Sandrine Bonnaire proves once again why she is one of the world's finest working actors, in a role that channels the fierce, even perverse sense of independence that has characterized her memorable performances in such films as VAGABOND and LA CÉRÉMONIE. She plays...


Historian/filmmaker Suchsland, who surveyed Weimar-era cinema in FROM CALIGARI TO HITLER (2014), continues his journey through German film history with this fascinating exploration of its darkest, most problematic period. Closely overseen by propaganda minister...


An award-winner at several film festivals as well as a surprise box-office hit in Spain, this documentary is a tribute by Spanish actor/filmmaker Salmerón to his 81-year-old mother Julita, whose many endearing eccentricities achieve outlandish proportions. Just...


The sparkling seascapes and ancient historical attractions of Malta play major roles in this romance that functions as a heartfelt valentine to the tiny archipelago nation. Giovanni (Olivier, of GLEE), an American tourist ducking out on business woes back home,...


The March 9 Opening Night screening is now completely SOLD OUT!

Director Komandarev (Oscar short-listed THE WORLD IS BIG AND SALVATION LURKS AROUND THE CORNER) brings poignancy and a zesty sense of humor to an episodic drama set in...