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First-time director Shawky weaves a heartwarming but unsentimental tale of the scarred aging leper Beshay (Gamal) and the ten-year-old homeless orphan boy Obama (Abdelhafiz), who attaches himself to the older man one day and refuses to leave. Surrogate father and...


After a fur coat, tossed out the window by irate plutocrat J.B. Ball (Arnold), lands in the lap of Mary Smith (Arthur), further happenstance pushes her first into unemployment and then further up the social ladder. Ensconced in a luxury hotel with only ten cents...


Adultery is the pastime du jour for a clutch of Parisian sophisticates in this atypically light and briskly farcical romantic comedy from the director of PERSONAL SHOPPER and CLOUDS OF SILS MARIE. The marriage of book publisher Alain (Canet) and TV star Selena (...