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PEPPERMINT SODA is an effervescent concoction with a surprising kick to it. An unheralded first film by a then-unknown 29-year-old director, it went on to become the year's biggest grossing film in France and winner of the Prix Louis Delluc (Best Picture),...


Two of the makers of Oscar-nominated ERNEST & CELESTINE team up for an endearingly goofy 2-D animated romp hosted by a wily wide-eyed fox, who invites his audience behind the makeshift curtain for a three-part production of barnyard theater. A hoot for the...


Based on the tell-all memoir "Full Service: My Adventures in Hollywood and the Secret Lives of Stars" by Scotty Bowers, the hook-up expert to moviedom's elite during Hollywood's golden age, this revealing, and often poignant profile by the director of CITIZEN JANE...


Asger Holm (Cedergren), a police officer demoted to taking emergency calls, handles the usual roster of overdosers and fleeced johns with efficiency and an air of contempt. Then a desperate call comes in from a woman imprisoned in the back of a speeding van driven...