Archival 35mm print! Film Series : Brit Noir

Never Take Candy From A Stranger

Never Take Sweets From A Stranger

1960, Cyril Frankel, UK, 81 min. With Gwen Watford, Janina Faye.

Show Times

  • Sat, Nov 5th 5:00pm
  • Mon, Nov 7th 6:00pm

“A responsible, thought-provoking movie about child molestation — perhaps the best ever made on the subject…the final reel of the picture is electrifying.” — Glenn Erickson, DVD Savant

The title might lead one to expect a campy exploitation flick, but this recently rediscovered gem combines taut suspense with a serious and sensitive treatment of a delicate subject. A British headmaster (Patrick Allen) and his wife (Watford) are newly arrived in Canada when their eleven-year-old daughter (Faye) innocently reveals that an elderly neighbor (veteran Felix Aylmer, in a wordless, ultra-creepy performance) gave her and a friend candy in exchange for taking off their clothes. Because they are strangers in town, and because the accused is the patriarch of the town’s most prestigious family, the girl’s parents find themselves facing a wall of silence and hostility, and things are made worse by the defense’s unscrupulous courtroom tactics. This isn’t just a social-problem film, though; the climax of the film is an agonizingly suspenseful tour de force, enhanced by master cinematographer Freddie Francis’s superb black-and-white widescreen lensing of the sinister woodsy setting. Archival 35mm widescreen print courtesy of Sony Pictures Entertainment. (MR)

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