Archival 35mm print! Film Series : Brit Noir

Cash On Demand

1961, Quentin Lawrence, UK, 84 min. With Peter Cushing, Andre Morrell.

Show Times

  • Sat, Nov 26th 4:45pm
  • Mon, Nov 28th 6:00pm

“One of Hammer’s best non-horror subjects...the compelling little thriller is tautly directed by Quentin Lawrence, who makes the most of the restricted settings.” — Britmovie

This nifty little nail-biter features two top performances in a clever spin on the "Christmas Carol" model. The Scrooge figure is Mr. Fordyce (British horror icon Cushing), a hyper-punctilious small-town bank manager who is unyielding in enforcing the rules on his brow-beaten employees. His comeuppance comes not in the form of Christmas ghosts, but of a suave con man (Morrell) posing as a bank inspector. The imposter uses the threat of harm to Fordyce’s kidnapped wife and child to force him into becoming an accomplice in the robbery of his own bank. As Fordyce dances to his puppeteer’s demands, and his increasingly suspicious employees come fatally closer to uncovering the truth, the film builds an ever-tightening trap worthy of Fritz Lang. Archival 35mm print courtesy of Sony Pictures Entertainment. (MR)

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