Conversations at the Edge - Spring 2015

  1. Conversations at the Edge - Spring 2015

Conversations at the Edge is a weekly series of screenings, artist talks, and performances by some of the most compelling media artists of yesterday and today. The series is organized by SAIC's Department of Film, Video, New Media, and Animation in collaboration with the Video Data Bank and the Gene Siskel Film Center.

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Robin Deacon - White Balance: A History of Video

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Robin Deacon in person!

  1. Robin Deacon:
  2. White Balance: A History of Video
  1. 2013-15, Robin Deacon, USA, ca. 60 min

Acclaimed artist and filmmaker Robin Deacon presents a stirring performance on the history and aesthetics of video. The title “White Balance” refers to the process by which a video camera is adjusted to account for differences in light. For Deacon, this process also suggests video’s capability to convey "a truer sense of what is being seen.” Using a series of outmoded video cameras and discarded tape formats, Deacon weaves together autobiography, fiction, and old recordings — home movies, artists’ tapes, archival TV footage — to explore the ways seeing and remembering may be transformed by the medium used to capture the event. (George William Price)

Rebecca Baron: Detour de Force

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Rebecca Baron in person!

  1. Rebecca Baron:
  2. Detour de Force
  1. 2008-14, Rebecca Baron, USA, ca. 70 min.

Los Angeles–based filmmaker Rebecca Baron is known for provocative essay films exploring such far-ranging subjects as Britain’s Mass Observation movement, 19th-century Arctic exploration, and the role of recording technologies in shaping our understanding of the world around us. Her latest film, DETOUR DE FORCE, introduces viewers to the incredible world of “thoughtographer” Ted Serios — a Chicago bellhop who, in the mid-1960s, produced hundreds of Polaroid images through sheer force of mind. Baron screens the film with a selection of works from LOSSLESS (2008, with Douglas Goodwin), a series of digital interventions — data compression, code removal — into video copies of classic American films with fascinating results. Presented in collaboration with the Video Data Bank. (Amy Beste)

John Gerrard: Systems and Networks

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John Gerrard in person!

  1. John Gerrard:
  2. Systems and Networks
  1. 2009-15, John Gerrard, China/Norway/US, ca. 60 min.

The works of John Gerrard (MFA 2000) often take shape as large-scale projections of meticulously crafted virtual worlds, astonishing in their scope and execution. Driven by sophisticated military modeling and video game software, they recreate the outposts of human industry — a 19th-century paper mill in Norway, mysterious roadways along China’s Silk Road, a solar power plant in Nevada, factory farms in Oklahoma — to address the networks of energy and power that have fueled modern life. Gerrard presents five recent interrelated projects — including SOLAR RESERVE (TONOPAH, NEVADA) (2014), EXERCISE (DUNHUANG) (2014), and his latest work-in-progress FARM (PRYOR CREEK) — and discusses the themes and technology that have informed his practice. (Amy Beste)