Conversations at the Edge Fall 2017

October 12 - November 16

Conversations at the Edge is a weekly series of screenings, performances, and talks by groundbreaking media artists. The series is organized by SAIC's Department of Film, Video, New Media, and Animation in collaboration with the Gene Siskel Film Center and the Video Data Bank.


Jim Trainor in person!

The Pink Egg

2016, Jim Trainor, USA, 71 min.


  • Thu, Oct 12th 6:00pm
LaTurbo Avedon, Rachel Clarke, and Claudia Hart in person!

The Real-Fake

2006-17, Various artists, Various nations, ca. 80 min.


  • Thu, Oct 19th 6:00pm
Sandra Gibson, Luis Recoder, and Brian Case in person!

Tense Nature: The Changeover System

2017, Sandra Gibson and Luis Recoder, USA, 60 min.


  • Thu, Oct 26th 6:00pm
Alex Gerbaulet in person!

Alex Gerbaulet: Digging Deep

2005-17, Alex Gerbaulet, Germany, ca. 65 min.


  • Thu, Nov 2nd 6:00pm
Rachel Weiss and Raquel Cecilia Mendieta in person!

The Films of Ana Mendieta

1971-81, Ana Mendieta, USA, ca. 60 min.


  • Thu, Nov 9th 6:00pm
Sondra Perry in person!

Sondra Perry: Performance and Video

2015-17, Sondra Perry, USA, ca. 65 min.


  • Thu, Nov 16th 6:00pm

Coco Fusco: Cuba Portraits

2015, Coco Fusco, Cuba/USA, ca. 65 min.