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22nd Annual Chicago European Union Film Festival

Coincoin and the Extra-Humans

Coincoin et les z'inhumains

2018, Bruno Dumont, France, 205 min.
Alane Delhaye, Bernard Pruvost

Show Times

  • Sat, Mar 23rd 2:00pm
  • Thu, Mar 28th 6:00pm

“Excellent…a tribute to the great cinematic tradition of doppelgangers.”--Kaleem Aftab, Cineuropa

Four years after a series of bizarre bovine-related murders, another round of inexplicable happenings has hit provincial Northern France in Bruno Dumont's sequel to his career left-turn LI'L QUINQUIN. Wild child Quinquin has grown into Coincoin (Delhaye), an unruly teenager working occasional security detail for a local nativist right-wing politician whose daughter Coincoin woos in his off-hours. Meanwhile, the bumbling Captain Van Der Weyden (Pruvost) of the gendarmerie finds himself investigating the origin of the giant, extraterrestrial "cow patties" that have begun dotting the countryside and the rash of doppelgängers following in their wake. An abundantly odd spin on INVASION OF THE BODY SNATCHERS, COINCOIN finds Dumont extending his recent string of off-kilter comedies and adding a dash of science fiction for good measure, ramping up the slapstick absurdity while maintaining a sense for the sort of deadpan grotesquerie that has long been his stock-in-trade. In French with English subtitles. DCP digital widescreen. Note: There will be a 15-minute intermission. Courtesy of Kino Lorber Films. (Cameron Worden)

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