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HAIRY WHO & THE CHICAGO IMAGISTS is also screening Monday, October 6 at 6:00pm as part of Neighborhood Night! Click here for more info!


Fri, Oct 3rd at 8:15pm
Sat, Oct 4th at 3:00pm
Sun, Oct 5th at 5:30pm
Tue, Oct 7th at 6:00pm
Wed, Oct 8th at 8:15pm
Thu, Oct 9th at 8:15pm
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First Chicago run!
Filmmakers and artists in person!

  1. 2013, Leslie Buchbinder, USA, 109 min.

“Funky, folky, and still fresh…makes a compelling case
for the continued relevance of the Midwest’s merry pranksters.”
–Richard Vine, Art in America

“Remarkably ambitious...Showcases oodles of evocative,
little-seen footage of Chicago in the ‘60s and ‘70s.”
–Christopher Borrelli, Chicago Tribune

The audacious work of the Hairy Who, aka the Chicago Imagists, first decked the walls of highbrow galleries with provocatively lowbrow images in the late Sixties, when media put the spotlight on a ragtag group of young artists nurtured by the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Lurid renderings of neon-tinged wrestlers, sideshow freaks, cartoon creatures, and giant genitalia shocked, then won over snooty art critics and the public, as artists including Karl Wirsum, Gladys Nilsson, Jim Nutt, Suellen Rocca, Ed Paschke, Roger Brown, and their mentor Ray Yoshida took their unique Chicago style to the world. Director Buchbinder connects all the dots in this thoroughly affectionate profile. DCP digital. (BS)

Personal appearances!

Friday: Director Leslie Buchbinder, producer Brian Ashby, editor Ben Kolak.

Sunday: Artists Jim Falconer, Art Green, Gladys Nilsson, Jim Nutt, Suellen Rocca, Karl Wirsum (tentative).

Thursday: Screenwriter/music advisor John Corbett, sound designer/engineer Alex Inglizian, producer/music supervisor Brian Ashby.

Plus others TBA – check our website for updates!

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Fri, Oct 3rd at 6:00pm
Sat, Oct 4th at 8:00pm
Sun, Oct 5th at 3:15pm
Tue, Oct 7th at 8:15pm
Wed, Oct 8th at 6:15pm
Thu, Oct 9th at 8:00pm
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Chicago premiere!
Tom Dolby in person!

  1. 2014, Tom Dolby and Tom Williams, USA, 94 min.
  2. With Patricia Clarkson, Zachary Booth

“Well-acted and never less than absorbing,
the film has its share both of understated humor and
affecting moments.”
–David Rooney, Hollywood Reporter

LAST WEEKEND is also screening Monday, October 6 at 8:15pm as part of Neighborhood Night!
Click here for more details!

Vicarious sampling of the have-it-all lifestyle of a nouveau riche California family is key to this poignant comedy of manners, as the Green clan gathers at their rustically swanky Lake Tahoe vacation home for a holiday weekend. New Age matriarch Celia (Clarkson of HIGH ART and THE STATION AGENT) lords it over immediate family and their drop-in friends and lovers, blithely calling the shots. She’s clueless to the snob factor plaguing her gay son’s love life and to the financial scandal facing her eldest, but all covers are blown in the wake of a life-threatening crisis with the live-in help. Directors Dolby and Williams convey an acute sense of irony along with a wary affection for the conventions and pretensions of a rarefied way of life. DCP digital. (BS)

Co-director Tom Dolby will be present for audience discussion on Saturday.

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Fri, Oct 3rd at 8:00pm
Sat, Oct 4th at 8:15pm
Sun, Oct 5th at 5:15pm
Thu, Oct 9th at 6:00pm
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  1. 2013, Roman Polanski, France/Poland, 96 min.
  2. With Emmanuelle Seigner, Mathieu Amalric

“Wickedly smart and wickedly playful...
works on so many levels, it's almost dizzying.”
–Stephen Rea, Philadelphia Inquirer

“Polanski’s most graceful work in years...
witty, elegant, and resourceful.”
–Anthony Lane, The New Yorker

VENUS IN FUR is also screening Monday, October 6 at 6:00pm as part of Neighborhood Night and Wednesday, October 8 at 8:30pm as a Movie Club event, with a discussion led by Joanie Schultz, theater director, who recently directed the Goodman Theatre's production of David Ives's "Venus in Fur."

Click here for more info about Neighborhood Night!

Click here for more info about The Gene Siskel Film Center Movie Club!

The realm of perverse mind games is prime territory for Polanski (REPULSION, THE GHOST WRITER), who brings humor of the darkest sort to this adaptation of David Ives’s Tony-nominated play, reveling in its themes of masochism, domination and subjugation. A slutty-looking actress (Seigner) sweeps into an empty theater and rudely demands to audition for the harried director (Amalric). The balance of power shifts dramatically, as the mysterious supplicant soon has the surprised man groveling in the palm of her hand, and a sly psychic striptease lays them both emotionally bare. That Seigner is Polanski’s wife of more than twenty years and Amalric a Polanski look-alike adds yet another intriguing dimension to the dynamic. In French with English subtitles. DCP digital. (BS)

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Fri, Oct 10th at 6:00pm
Fri, Oct 10th at 8:30pm
Sat, Oct 11th at 3:00pm
Sat, Oct 11th at 7:30pm
Sun, Oct 12th at 3:00pm
Sun, Oct 12th at 5:15pm
Mon, Oct 13th at 6:15pm
Mon, Oct 13th at 8:00pm
Tue, Oct 14th at 6:30pm
Wed, Oct 15th at 6:15pm
Thu, Oct 16th at 6:30pm
Thu, Oct 16th at 8:15pm
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Back by popular demand!
Annie O’Neil in person!

  1. 2013, Lydia Smith, USA/Spain, 84 min.

“Soulful, spiritual, invigorating, accepting,
and so damn pretty.”
–Bernard Boo, Way Too Indie

“A brilliant documentary.”
–Martin Sheen

A Road movie with a capital R, WALKING THE CAMINO is a documentary journey over the Camino de Santiago, a 500-mile route across northern Spain that has attracted pilgrims since the Middle Ages. Arduous and humbling, the trek (which was treated fictionally in Emilio Estevez’s THE WAY) usually takes about a month, but, as many participants will tell you, it is the inner journey that is more challenging. Director Smith, a film-industry veteran who walked the Camino in 2008, selects six pilgrims, their motives and nationalities widely different, from an overly goal-oriented American to a Canadian widower honoring his wife’s memory to a young brasileira whose life has hit rock-bottom to a devout French woman traveling with her atheist brother and three-year-old son. The scenery is beautiful and timeless, but the film’s focus is firmly on the messy but moving human dimension, filled with camaraderie, blisters, romance, body odor, compassion, snoring, and revelation. In English, Spanish, and French with English subtitles. DCP digital. (MR)

Featured pilgrim and co-producer Annie O’Neil will be present for audience discussion at all shows on Friday and Saturday and at the 3:00 show on Sunday.

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Fri, Oct 10th at 8:15pm
Sat, Oct 11th at 5:15pm
Sat, Oct 11th at 8:15pm
Sun, Oct 12th at 5:15pm
Mon, Oct 13th at 8:15pm
Tue, Oct 14th at 8:15pm
Wed, Oct 15th at 8:15pm
Thu, Oct 16th at 8:15pm
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Chicago premiere!

  1. 2014, Peter Strickland and Nick Fenton, UK, 97 min.

“A captivating record of an artist in full command of
her idiosyncratic powers.”
—Guy Lodge, Variety

“An extraordinary piece...It's utterly bonkers yet moving.”
—Lucy Siegle, The Guardian

This remarkable performance film was recorded at the climactic concert of Björk’s recent worldwide tour, based on her groundbreaking 2011 album Biophilia. Topped by a humongous wig, accompanied by an array of outlandish instruments, and surrounded by a choir of dulcet-voiced Scandi-maidens, the Icelandic icon is in prime form, from the crackling curtain-raiser “Thunderbolt” to the anthemic finale “Declare Independence.” Cutting-edge British director Strickland (BERBERIAN SOUND STUDIO) and editor Fenton (SUBMARINE) embellish Björk’s nature-technology-music nexus with mind-expanding imagery that reaches from the cellular to the interstellar but never upstages the transcendent voice at the show’s core. DCP digital. (MR)

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*Dior + Couture

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Alexandra Palmer in person!

  1. *Dior + Couture
  1. 2014, Peter Strickland and Nick Fenton, UK, 97 min.

The School of the Art Institute of Chicago’s Fashion Resource Center presents the 2014 Behind the Seams lecture, “Dior + Couture,” featuring Alexandra Palmer, the Nora E. Vaughn Senior Curator of Textiles and Costumes at the Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto. Palmer discusses the iconic work of French designer Christian Dior and the making of a couture garment, and presents the ROM-commissioned documentary PASSAGE #5: CHRISTIAN DIOR SPRING/SUMMER 2011 (2011, France, 51 min.), detailing the creation of a contemporary Dior gown at the famed atelier. (BS)



Fri, Oct 17th at 6:00pm
Sat, Oct 18th at 7:45pm
Sun, Oct 19th at 5:00pm
Mon, Oct 20th at 8:00pm
Tue, Oct 21st at 8:00pm
Thu, Oct 23rd at 6:00pm
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First Chicago run!

  1. 2013, Daniel Dencik, Denmark, 90 min.

“Dencik’s gorgeous, surprising, meditative film
opens up one of the world’s last unknown places.”
–Alan Scherstuhl, Village Voice

“With a mood and setting worthy of a murder story
by Jack London, this audience-friendly, atmospheric
work could be remade as a thriller, although that’s really
what it is already.”
–John Anderson, Variety

Spooky, spellbinding, and laced with dry Scandinavian wit, this metaphysical adventure documentary explores the far frontiers of time and space in one of the last uncharted regions on the planet. When global warming opens up ice-bound fjords in Northeast Greenland, a three-masted schooner manned by assorted scientists and artists sails into lands unseen by human eyes since the Stone Age. Amid landscapes forbidding and sublime, the explorers watch icebergs collapse, discover strange new species, encounter predators natural (polar bears) and civilized (big oil), go a little crazy, and confront the distant past and uncertain future of human existence. Music by Mozart and Metallica. In Danish and English with English subtitles. DCP digital. (MR)

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Fri, Oct 17th at 8:00pm
Thu, Oct 23rd at 8:15pm
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Back by popular demand!
Richard Steele in person!

  2. 1970, DeWitt Beall, USA, 52 min.
  4. 1963, Robert Ford, USA, 26 min.

Chicago Film Archives has restored two remarkable “lost” films that shed new light on an overlooked chapter of Chicago history: the role of gangs in West Side neighborhoods in the 1950s and 1960s, especially the organization known as the Vice Lords and, later, the Conservative Vice Lords. LORD THING in particular qualifies as a major rediscovery, not only for its eye-opening subject matter, but also for its dynamic style--an urgent mosaic of speeches, recollections, on-the-spot footage, and vigorously staged rumbles. Spawned by poverty and police harassment, the Lords eventually turned from destructive street violence to constructive social activism, only to be targeted by the Daley administration as a political and economic threat. Preceded by THE CORNER, which uses a collage of voices to accompany evocative images of gang-dominated life at the corner of Lake and Holman. Co-presented by Chicago Film Archives; special thanks to Nancy Watrous. Both in 16mm. (MR)

WBEZ91.5 media personality Richard Steele will introduce both screenings.

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Fri, Oct 17th at 6:00pm
Sat, Oct 18th at 2:30pm
Sat, Oct 18th at 7:30pm
Sun, Oct 19th at 2:30pm
Mon, Oct 20th at 6:30pm
Wed, Oct 22nd at 6:30pm
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  1. 2014, Richard Linklater, USA, 163 min.
  2. With Ellar Coltrane, Ethan Hawke, Patricia Arquette, Lorelei Linklater

“I love BOYHOOD.”
–Michael Phillips, Chicago Tribune

“Once in a great while I see a movie I know I’ll be listing
as one of my all-time favorites for the rest of my days.
So it is with this remarkable, unforgettable, elegant epic that
is about one family--and millions of families.”
–Richard Roeper, Chicago Sun-Times

“Life Itself,” the title of another fine film we recently played, could easily be applied to Richard Linklater’s universally acclaimed masterpiece, which currently sports a 100 rating on Metacritic and a 99% on Rotten Tomatoes. Rarely has a fictional film rendered real life with such compelling veracity as this tale of a Texas boy’s early years. Shot piecemeal over a period of twelve years as the actors aged along with their characters, BOYHOOD begins with Mason (Coltrane) as a fresh-faced six-year-old staring up at the clouds and ends with him as a lanky teenager entering college. In between come fads, friends, moves, bullies, ball games, girls, divorces, stepdads, and much more, but none of the clichés of coming-of-age movies, which Linklater vigilantly avoids. Although Mason is the center of the story, BOYHOOD is as much about parenthood, with Linklater regular Hawke especially impressive as Mason’s erratic but earnest dad. BOYHOOD has some similarities to Michael Apted’s UP series and Linklater’s own BEFORE trilogy, but, by telescoping its span into a single viewing experience, it makes the passage of years more visceral and breathtakingly fleeting--as one critic noted, it shows that movies can make time visible. DCP digital. (MR)

Buy a ticket at our regular prices for either BOYHOOD or DOUBLE PLAY, and get a ticket for any show of the other film at this discount rate with proof of your original purchase: General Admission $7; Students $5; Members $4. (This discount rate applies to the second film only.)

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Sat, Oct 18th at 5:30pm
Sun, Oct 19th at 5:30pm
Tue, Oct 21st at 6:00pm
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First Chicago engagement!
Gabe Klinger in person!

  1. 2014, Gabe Klinger, USA, 70 min.

“A lapidary documentary...The graceful flow avoids
the spoon-feeding of pocket biographies, and Mr. Klinger
shepherds along a valuable encounter with a sense of easy,
generally uncanned observation.”
–Nicolas Rapold, The New York Times

Chicago-based cinéaste and critic Klinger makes his directing debut with this engagingly casual yet sharply perceptive dual portrait that won the award for Best Documentary on Cinema at this year’s Venice Film Festival. The film uses a series of Austin-set conversations between longtime friends Benning and Linklater as the springboard for an examination of their maverick filmmaking careers (including a discussion of the making of BOYHOOD), illuminated through resonant contrasts (isolated/gregarious, avant-garde/indie, movie-avoider/cinephile) and unexpected affinities (love of baseball, disdain for conventional narrative, obsession with time). DCP digital. (MR)

Director Gabe Klinger will be present for audience discussion at all screenings.

Buy a ticket at our regular prices for either BOYHOOD or DOUBLE PLAY, and get a ticket for any show of the other film at this discount rate with proof of your original purchase: General Admission $7; Students $5; Members $4. (This discount rate applies to the second film only.)

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Fri, Oct 24th at 6:00pm
Sat, Oct 25th at 2:00pm
Sat, Oct 25th at 3:30pm
Sun, Oct 26th at 2:00pm
Sun, Oct 26th at 3:30pm
Mon, Oct 27th at 6:00pm
Tue, Oct 28th at 10:30am
Tue, Oct 28th at 4:00pm
Tue, Oct 28th at 6:00pm
Wed, Oct 29th at 1:30pm
Wed, Oct 29th at 6:00pm
Thu, Oct 30th at 10:30am
Thu, Oct 30th at 4:00pm
Thu, Oct 30th at 6:00pm
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Chicago premiere!

  1. 2014, Lina Plioplyte, USA, 72 min.

“Inspirational, touching and absolutely fabulous.”
–Allan Hunter, Daily Express

“Uplifting and oft-humorous…goes some way
towards reclaiming high fashion for all ages and
backgrounds--not just the young, privileged and white.”
–Daniel Green, CineVue

Inspired by the popular blog “Advanced Style” by Ari Seth Cohen, this sassy documentary showcases the unique life-and-style philosophies of seven Manhattan fashionistas, aged 60 to 90. It’s a virtual cornucopia of cutting-edge street fashion, with attitude to spare, and the kind of styling turns that turn heads on TV talk shows (the group scores a hit on “The Ricki Lake Show”). Fashion is elevated to an idiosyncratic art as these glamorous ladies strut their stuff with joie de vivre. Stunningly camera-worthy ensembles are just part of the picture, as filmmaker Plioplyte demonstrates that true beauty and the art of fashion have no age, ethnicity, or price. DCP digital. (BS)

ADVANCED STYLER DISCOUNT! $7 per ticket for patrons 65 and over! Available in person at the box office only.

Free small popcorn at these shows! Tue. 10:30 am; Wed. 1:30 pm; Thu. 10:30 am!

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Fri, Oct 24th at 8:00pm
Sat, Oct 25th at 7:45pm
Sun, Oct 26th at 3:00pm
Mon, Oct 27th at 6:00pm
Tue, Oct 28th at 7:30pm
Wed, Oct 29th at 6:00pm
Thu, Oct 30th at 7:30pm
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Chicago premiere!

  1. 2013, Doug Pray, USA, 88 min.

“Hilarious and insightful.”
–Katie Walsh, Indiewire

“Highly entertaining…manages to appeal to art
lovers, pop-culture disciples and high-concept
skeptics and supporters alike.”
–Ronnie Scheib, Variety

Filmmaker Pray (SCRATCH, SURFWISE) follows the thrilling, contentious, and awe-inspiring creation of conceptual artist Michael Heizer’s controversial monolithic sculpture, as the eponymous 340-ton, 900-million-year-old boulder makes a grand tour through twenty-two California cities on a football-field-sized rig prior to installation at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. Legions of gawkers cheer the progress of the monster hunk of granite, while detractors decry the $10 million price tag. This engaging documentary provides a ringside seat to the raucous popular debate on the nature of art. A rock star or just a rock? You decide. DCP digital. (BS)

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Fri, Oct 24th at 8:00pm
Sun, Oct 26th at 5:30pm
Thu, Oct 30th at 8:15pm
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Chicago premiere!
Seth McClellan in person!

  1. 2014, Seth McClellan, USA, 67 min.
  2. With Michael Davis, Stephen Styles

A community college class in creative writing unexpectedly becomes a seething cauldron of resentment, fear, and half-baked racism in this startling drama. All the actors play fictionalized versions of themselves, including Chicago director McClellan (BEVEL’S LAST SERMON, KING IN CHICAGO), portraying the adjunct professor confronting layoff and personal failure while facing a diverse clutch of students whose delusions and wan efforts stand in stark contrast to the potentially powerful material of their daily lives. Truth is a sliding scale that has unforeseen consequences inside and outside of this suburban classroom. DCP digital. (BS)

Director Seth McClellan and selected members of the cast and crew will be present for audience discussion at all screenings.

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Sat, Oct 25th at 7:45pm
Wed, Oct 29th at 7:30pm
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Chicago premiere!

  1. AWAKE:
  1. 2014, Paola di Florio and Lisa Leeman, USA, 87 min.

The widespread passion for the practice of yoga in North America can be traced back to one man: the Hindu mystic Parahamansa Yogananda (1893-1952). Unlike other teachers of Eastern wisdom, Yogananda came to the U.S. in 1920 and remained until his death, teaching meditation and yoga and appealing to those seeking enlightenment through his memoir “Autobiography of a Yogi” (the only book Steve Jobs kept on his iPad). Filmed over three years, this unconventional biography explores the life and influence of the spiritual master through archival material, interviews, dramatic reenactments, and visits to holy sites in India. DCP digital. (BS)

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