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Fri, Oct 24th at 6:00pm
Sat, Oct 25th at 2:00pm
Sat, Oct 25th at 3:30pm
Sun, Oct 26th at 2:00pm
Sun, Oct 26th at 3:30pm
Mon, Oct 27th at 6:00pm
Tue, Oct 28th at 10:30am
Tue, Oct 28th at 4:00pm
Tue, Oct 28th at 6:00pm
Wed, Oct 29th at 1:30pm
Wed, Oct 29th at 6:00pm
Thu, Oct 30th at 10:30am
Thu, Oct 30th at 4:00pm
Thu, Oct 30th at 6:00pm
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Chicago premiere!

  1. 2014, Lina Plioplyte, USA, 72 min.

“Inspirational, touching and absolutely fabulous.”
–Allan Hunter, Daily Express

“Uplifting and oft-humorous…goes some way
towards reclaiming high fashion for all ages and
backgrounds--not just the young, privileged and white.”
–Daniel Green, CineVue

Inspired by the popular blog “Advanced Style” by Ari Seth Cohen, this sassy documentary showcases the unique life-and-style philosophies of seven Manhattan fashionistas, aged 60 to 90. It’s a virtual cornucopia of cutting-edge street fashion, with attitude to spare, and the kind of styling turns that turn heads on TV talk shows (the group scores a hit on “The Ricki Lake Show”). Fashion is elevated to an idiosyncratic art as these glamorous ladies strut their stuff with joie de vivre. Stunningly camera-worthy ensembles are just part of the picture, as filmmaker Plioplyte demonstrates that true beauty and the art of fashion have no age, ethnicity, or price. DCP digital. (BS)

ADVANCED STYLER DISCOUNT! $7 per ticket for patrons 65 and over! Available in person at the box office only.

Free small popcorn at these shows! Tue. 10:30 am; Wed. 1:30 pm; Thu. 10:30 am!

At the Friday premiere, join Red Carpet Host Kristen Kaza of No Small Plans Productions and voted best Party Promoter by the Chicago Reader. Emma Arnold of the award-winning fashion blog Tres Awesome will take red carpet photos.

Ari Seth Cohen and Director Lina Plioplyte will be present via Skype for audience discussionat the Friday screening, moderated by Amy Tara Koch, style expert, author and journalist, Amy is a columnist for Today’s Chicago Woman and the local expert for Travel + Leisure.

Ari Seth Cohen will be present via Skype for audience discussion moderated by TV Fashion Contributor Barbara Glass at the Sunday 3:30 pm screening.

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Fri, Oct 24th at 8:00pm
Sat, Oct 25th at 7:45pm
Sun, Oct 26th at 3:00pm
Mon, Oct 27th at 6:00pm
Tue, Oct 28th at 7:30pm
Wed, Oct 29th at 6:00pm
Thu, Oct 30th at 7:30pm
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Chicago premiere!

  1. 2013, Doug Pray, USA, 88 min.

“Hilarious and insightful.”
–Katie Walsh, Indiewire

“Highly entertaining…manages to appeal to art
lovers, pop-culture disciples and high-concept
skeptics and supporters alike.”
–Ronnie Scheib, Variety

Filmmaker Pray (SCRATCH, SURFWISE) follows the thrilling, contentious, and awe-inspiring creation of conceptual artist Michael Heizer’s controversial monolithic sculpture, as the eponymous 340-ton, 900-million-year-old boulder makes a grand tour through twenty-two California cities on a football-field-sized rig prior to installation at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. Legions of gawkers cheer the progress of the monster hunk of granite, while detractors decry the $10 million price tag. This engaging documentary provides a ringside seat to the raucous popular debate on the nature of art. A rock star or just a rock? You decide. DCP digital. (BS)

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Fri, Oct 24th at 8:00pm
Sun, Oct 26th at 5:30pm
Thu, Oct 30th at 8:15pm
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Chicago premiere!
Seth McClellan in person!

  1. 2014, Seth McClellan, USA, 67 min.
  2. With Michael Davis, Stephen Styles

A community college class in creative writing unexpectedly becomes a seething cauldron of resentment, fear, and half-baked racism in this startling drama. All the actors play fictionalized versions of themselves, including Chicago director McClellan (BEVEL’S LAST SERMON, KING IN CHICAGO), portraying the adjunct professor confronting layoff and personal failure while facing a diverse clutch of students whose delusions and wan efforts stand in stark contrast to the potentially powerful material of their daily lives. Truth is a sliding scale that has unforeseen consequences inside and outside of this suburban classroom. DCP digital. (BS)

Director Seth McClellan and selected members of the cast and crew will be present for audience discussion at all screenings.

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Sat, Oct 25th at 7:45pm
Wed, Oct 29th at 7:30pm
Sun, Oct 26th at 12:00pm
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Chicago premiere!

  1. AWAKE:
  1. 2014, Paola di Florio and Lisa Leeman, USA, 87 min.

The widespread passion for the practice of yoga in North America can be traced back to one man: the Hindu mystic Parahamansa Yogananda (1893-1952). Unlike other teachers of Eastern wisdom, Yogananda came to the U.S. in 1920 and remained until his death, teaching meditation and yoga and appealing to those seeking enlightenment through his memoir “Autobiography of a Yogi” (the only book Steve Jobs kept on his iPad). Filmed over three years, this unconventional biography explores the life and influence of the spiritual master through archival material, interviews, dramatic reenactments, and visits to holy sites in India. DCP digital. (BS)

The Saturday, Oct. 25th screening has SOLD OUT!!! Tickets are still available for Sunday and Wednesday.

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Fri, Oct 31st at 6:00pm
Sat, Nov 1st at 3:00pm
Sun, Nov 2nd at 3:00pm
Mon, Nov 3rd at 6:00pm
Tue, Nov 4th at 8:15pm
Wed, Nov 5th at 8:30pm
Thu, Nov 6th at 6:15pm
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New restoration!

  3. (aka OPEN CITY)
  1. 1945, Roberto Rossellini, Italy, 100 min.
  2. With Aldo Fabrizi, Anna Magnani

“Remains a film of electric drama and high emotion, as well as a major turning point in film history.”
–Michael Wilmington, Chicago Tribune

“Cinema as testimony and resistance, its ‘realism’ so hallucinatory as to border on the Hitchcockian…a galvanic document of human and filmic regeneration.”
–Fernando F. Croce, CinePassion

As the opening salvo of the ever-influential Italian neorealist movement, ROME OPEN CITY initiated a new era in film history–as Jean-Luc Godard said, "All roads lead to ROME OPEN CITY." Rossellini’s portrait of Rome under the German occupation centers on the manhunt for a resistance leader and its effect upon several characters, including a partisan priest, a corrupt actress, a Gestapo major, a gang of street kids, and a feisty pregnant woman (Magnani) about to celebrate her long-deferred wedding. Although praised at the time for the purity of its realism, ROME OPEN CITY now seems most impressive for its vigorous, complex mixture of documentary, melodrama, humor, and brutality. In Italian with English subtitles. This new 4K DCP digital restoration far surpasses any previous versions of the film, particularly the soft, poorly-subtitled prints that have long been available in the U.S. (MR)

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Fri, Oct 31st at 6:00pm
Fri, Oct 31st at 8:15pm
Sat, Nov 1st at 7:45pm
Sun, Nov 2nd at 3:00pm
Mon, Nov 3rd at 8:00pm
Tue, Nov 4th at 6:00pm
Wed, Nov 5th at 7:30pm
Thu, Nov 6th at 8:15pm
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  1. 2013, Michael Winterbottom, UK, 106 min.
  2. With Rob Brydon, Steve Coogan

“***1/2 A comic breeze of a movie...unusually astute in its depiction of male companionship.”
–Michael Phillips, Chicago Tribune

“The GODFATHER 2 of road movies…As funny as the first go-round, more beautiful to look at, and better conceived”
–John DeFore, The Hollywood Reporter

2010’s THE TRIP was a unique delight; this more successful sequel brings back bantering buddies Coogan and Brydon (playing indeterminately fictionalized versions of themselves) for a culinary tour of Italy. The second trip is more cinephiliac than the first, supplementing the virtuoso impersonations (Sicily brings out the Pacino in Brydon) with visits to the locations of JOURNEY TO ITALY, CONTEMPT, ROMAN HOLIDAY, and others. On the literary side, Byron’s and Shelley’s footsteps are followed; the senses are served with gorgeous scenery and mouth-watering pastas; and it’s all deepened with touches of guilt-ridden infidelity and midlife melancholy. DCP
digital. (MR)

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Fri, Oct 31st at 8:00pm
Sat, Nov 1st at 8:00pm
Sun, Nov 2nd at 5:15pm
Thu, Nov 6th at 8:15pm
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Chicago premiere!
Michael M. Bilandic in person!

  1. 2013, Michael M. Bilandic, USA, 73 min.
  2. With Keith Poulson, Sophia Takal

“A very funny slice of art world satire.”
–Katie Walsh, The Playlist

“A trippy, occasionally hilarious and oddly poignant American odyssey…with a sting in its tail.”
–Andrew O’Hehir, Salon

A comic satire on the conventions and pretensions of the New York gallery scene, HELLAWARE is shamelessly goofy in its gotcha saga of millennial hipster aspiration, and spot-on in its outrageous stereotypes, from the jaded curator to the fickle art groupies. Bad art meets worse intentions when wannabe photographer Nate (Poulson) shoots for transgression à la Larry Clark by stalking a no-talent teen goth band, purveyor of the dubious viral sensation “I’ll Cut Yo’ Dick Off.” Director Bilandic (son of Chicago’s former mayor) lets the abundant black humor rip in this straight-faced send-up. DCP digital. (BS)

Director Michael M. Bilandic will be present for audience discussion on Friday and (tentatively) Saturday.

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Fri, Nov 7th at 6:00pm
Sat, Nov 8th at 3:00pm
Sat, Nov 8th at 7:45pm
Sun, Nov 9th at 4:45pm
Tue, Nov 11th at 7:45pm
Thu, Nov 13th at 6:00pm
Fri, Nov 14th at 6:00pm
Sat, Nov 15th at 7:45pm
Sun, Nov 16th at 3:00pm
Mon, Nov 17th at 7:45pm
Tue, Nov 18th at 7:45pm
Wed, Nov 19th at 6:00pm
Thu, Nov 20th at 7:45pm
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Chicago premiere!

  1. 2014, Pascale Ferran, France, 127 min.
  2. With Josh Charles, Anaïs Demoustier

“Entrancing and surprising…audacious and idiosyncratic.”
–A.O. Scott, The New York Times

“Magnificently goofy…confident enough to take captivating detours.”
–Mike D’Angelo, The A.V. Club

Breaking the bonds of a regimented world in search of freedom is a theme BIRD PEOPLE unfolds through an extraordinary flight of fancy. The paths of a shy student working as a chambermaid and an AWOL Silicon Valley engineer intersect in a Paris airport hotel, but not in the way of romance. Magic realism and the supernatural come to bear on a unique story in which flight, both metaphorical and real, provides soaring release and makes way for tentative steps into the future. The film’s wondrous and touching special effects cast an unforgettable spell. In French, English, and Japanese with English subtitles. DCP digital. (BS)

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Fri, Nov 7th at 8:15pm
Sat, Nov 8th at 7:45pm
Sun, Nov 9th at 4:45pm
Mon, Nov 10th at 8:00pm
Wed, Nov 12th at 6:00pm
Thu, Nov 13th at 8:15pm
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Chicago premiere!

  1. 2014, Peter Sattler, USA, 117 min.
  2. With Kristen Stewart, Peyman Moaadi

“Riveting…there’s not a moment Stewart’s onscreen here where she isn’t completely transfixing.”
–David Rooney, Hollywood Reporter

Two mesmerizing performances anchor this story of a psychological cat-and-mouse game set in the unlikely confines of Gitmo, the U.S. detention center in Guantanamo Bay. Amy (Stewart), a recent Army recruit uneasily finding her footing among male fellow soldiers, is on suicide watch guarding Middle Eastern detainees in solitary confinement. Among them is English-speaking Ali (Moaadi of A SEPARATION), an immigrant picked up in New York in the wake of 9/11. Although they are technically enemies, both their lives are shaped by loneliness and fear, factors that create a climate in which respect and an odd sort of friendship take root. DCP digital. (BS)

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Fri, Nov 7th at 8:30pm
Sun, Nov 9th at 3:00pm
Mon, Nov 10th at 8:30pm
Tue, Nov 11th at 6:00pm
Wed, Nov 12th at 6:00pm
Wed, Nov 12th at 8:15pm
Thu, Nov 13th at 8:30pm
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Chicago premiere!
Jeff Barnaby in person!

  1. 2013, Jeff Barnaby, Canada, 88 min.
  2. With Devery Jacobs, Glen Gould

“Richly imaginative…a movie that, in many ways, represents a milestone.”
–Liam Lacey, Globe and Mail

“Explosive…told with a mix of lyricism and kicks to the gut.”
–Jason Gorber, Twitch

Native American director Barnaby makes an audacious debut with this eerie revenge drama steeped in raw poetry and set in motion by the violent meeting of tribal myth with pop culture iconography. The story is set in 1976 on the fictional Red Crow Reservation, where 15-year-old Alia (newcomer Jacobs in a riveting performance), a wily truant from the government’s residential school, is a virtual orphan in the wake of her alcoholic mother’s suicide and her father’s imprisonment. Powerful as the tribe’s self-made pot-dealing drug queen, she draws the white-hot rage of the community’s corrupt Indian Agent. DCP digital. (BS)

Director Jeff Barnaby will be present for audience discussion on Friday.

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Fri, Nov 14th at 8:00pm
Sat, Nov 15th at 3:00pm
Sun, Nov 16th at 5:30pm
Mon, Nov 17th at 6:00pm
Tue, Nov 18th at 6:00pm
Wed, Nov 19th at 8:30pm
Thu, Nov 20th at 8:30pm
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Chicago premiere!

  1. 2014, Jesse Moss, USA, 90 min.

“A shattering experience; a masterwork of unbridled honesty.”
–Jason Gorber, Twitch

“It will leave you stunned...an indelible American documentary.”
–Katie Walsh, The Playlist

Growing tensions in a small oil-rich North Dakota boomtown come to a head when a Lutheran pastor offers his church as shelter to hordes of men who arrive broke and homeless to seek employment in the fracking industry. Increasingly under fire from the City Council and his own parishioners, the clergyman stands his ground, but his do-unto-others mindset meets new challenges when these desperately hard-up new neighbors are perceived as a threat. Moral imperative meets the pitfalls of personal psychology in a wrenching finale that colors the most honorable of intentions with unanticipated shades of meaning. Winner of the Special Jury Award at Sundance. DCP digital. (BS)

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Fri, Nov 14th at 8:30pm
Sat, Nov 15th at 4:45pm
Mon, Nov 17th at 7:45pm
Wed, Nov 19th at 8:30pm
Thu, Nov 20th at 6:00pm
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New restoration!

  1. 1983, Howard Brookner, USA, 86 min.

“Rarely is a documentary so well attuned to its subject...demonstrates an unusual degree of liveliness and curiosity.”
–Janet Maslin, The New York Times

Will William S. Burroughs, who died in 1997 and whose centennial is celebrated this year, ever NOT be cool? An icon for the Beats, the Beatles (yes, he’s on the Sgt. Pepper cover), ‘60s counterculture, queer culture, punk, splatterpunk, cyberpunk, Grunge, indie-pop (e.g., the xx), and points beyond, the innovative author and mordantly charismatic personality could write like Joyce and crack wise like W.C. Fields. Howard Brookner’s 1983 labor-of-love BURROUGHS: THE MOVIE, made with WSB’s close and enthusiastic participation, has long been unavailable outside of old VHS copies. Then Aaron Brookner discovered the only surviving print in his long-deceased uncle’s archives and launched a Kickstarter campaign to digitally restore it. Now we can savor this definitive film portrait, with the master himself leading us through the scenes of his youth, performing readings and skits, and showing off his memorabilia and weapons collection, while acquaintances and admirers (Allen Ginsberg, Patti Smith, Terry Southern, et al.) comment candidly on both the highs and lows of his astonishing life and work. New DCP digital restoration. (MR)

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Sat, Nov 15th at 7:45pm
Sun, Nov 16th at 3:00pm
Thu, Nov 20th at 6:00pm
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Chicago premiere!

  1. 2014, Ron Mann, USA, 95 min. (Total program: 122 min.)

“An absorbing, marvelous film that manages to squeeze a wildly prolific career into 90 minutes and paint a portrait of a true original.”
–Allan Tong, Filmmaker Magazine

Robert Altman was arguably the greatest American filmmaker of the post-classical era--a technical innovator, compelling storyteller, and peerless chronicler of the times he lived through. Ron Mann’s ALTMAN is, by design, not a definitive portrait, but it is an essential one. It provides a uniquely intimate and moving perspective on Altman’s life and work, told mainly in the director’s own words (culled from numerous interviews), with occasional assists from his wife and children, and illustrated with film excerpts and rare home-movie and production footage. Many of Altman’s collaborators are on hand, not to provide the standard talking-head anecdotes, but a single terse definition of the word “Altmanesque” (Bruce Willis: “Kicking Hollywood’s ass,” Paul Thomas Anderson: “Inspiration”). Altman’s life was as copious and iconoclastic as his movies, and this exuberant overview conveys its richness, from World War II combat flying to apprenticeship in industrial films and network TV to triumphs and disasters as he doggedly defied convention to carve out an indelibly original body of work.

Also included in the program are three never-released short films by Altman: THE KATHRYN REED STORY (1965, 15 min.), POT AU FEU (1965, 9 min.), and THE PARTY (1966, 3 min.). All in DCP digital. (MR)

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Fri, Nov 21st at 6:30pm
Sat, Nov 22nd at 2:30pm
Sat, Nov 22nd at 7:30pm
Sun, Nov 23rd at 2:00pm
Mon, Nov 24th at 6:30pm
Wed, Nov 26th at 6:30pm
Fri, Nov 28th at 2:30pm
Sat, Nov 29th at 7:15pm
Tue, Dec 2nd at 7:30pm
Thu, Dec 4th at 6:30pm
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First Chicago run!

  1. 2014, Frederick Wiseman, USA/France, 181 min.

“Refined and blissfully pure…truly inspiring.”
–Tim Tobey, The Telegraph

“The most nourishing example of cinematic brain food you’ll have all year.”
–Oliver Lyttelton, Indiewire

Acclaimed documentary master Wiseman (AT BERKELEY, CRAZY HORSE, LA DANSE) turns his all-seeing camera on yet another institution: London’s venerable National Gallery. Going behind the scenes is Wiseman’s trademark modus operandi, but this expansive portrait makes getting under the skin of the art on the walls its foremost mission. With the museum’s erudite and sometimes eccentric curators and docents as the engaging storytellers, treasured works by Da Vinci, Titian, Rembrandt, Vermeer, Holbein, Turner, and more star in all their sumptuous glory, enhanced by gripping tales of restorations and of artists’ secrets revealed. DCP digital. (BS)

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Fri, Nov 21st at 8:00pm
Sat, Nov 22nd at 5:45pm
Sun, Nov 23rd at 3:00pm
Sun, Nov 23rd at 5:15pm
Mon, Nov 24th at 6:00pm
Tue, Nov 25th at 8:00pm
Wed, Nov 26th at 7:45pm
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Back by popular demand!
Filmmakers in person!

  1. 2014, Anne De Mare and Kirsten Kelly, USA, 90 min.

"THE HOMESTRETCH invites you to empathize with its subjects, to worry with them, to laugh with them, to worry about them. It's engaging and compelling viewing.”
–Glenn Kenny, RogerEbert.com

“Directors Anne de Mare and Kirsten Kelly persuasively indict America's failure to assist homeless teenagers...Yet the stories they present are genuinely uplifting...It's an impressive balancing act.”
–Ben Sachs, Chicago Reader

Three homeless Chicago teenagers seasoned by rejection and life on the streets defy the odds to create a future, finding sympathy and support in surprising places. The filmmakers follow aspiring actor Roque, poet/painter Kasey, and Anthony, a rapper, poet and entrepreneur, into the haunting underworld of children cast off by broken or unfit families and left alone to navigate the perils of poverty and predation. As the three tenaciously fight for an education and eventual independence, the film powerfully explores surrounding issues of race, juvenile justice, immigration, foster care, and LGBTQ rights. A new production from Chicago’s renowned Kartemquin Films, creators of HOOP DREAMS and THE INTERRUPTERS. DCP digital. (BS)

Filmmakers, subjects, and representatives from Chicago homeless services organizations will be present for multiple shows. More information coming soon.

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Sat, Nov 22nd at 8:00pm
Mon, Nov 24th at 8:15pm
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Chicago premiere!
Jon Jost in person!

  1. 2013, Jon Jost, USA, 85 min.
  2. With James Benning, Ryan Harper Gray

“Exquisitely meditative.”
–Jonathan Rosenbaum

“Relentlessly strips the narrative to its bare
essentials…thought-provoking visual artistry and poetry.”
–Matt Micucci, Cinecola

Legendary avant-garde filmmaker Jon Jost (ALL THE VERMEERS IN NEW YORK) makes a rare return to his native Chicago with a new film of subtle power and striking depth. The aging father (filmmaker James Benning) of a dysfunctional family summons his two long-estranged adult sons and their mothers in order to reveal his plan for assisted suicide. No ordinary narrative, COMING TO TERMS evokes the slow rhythm of an evolving life and the emotional landscape of a divided family’s perilous journey in all its beauty, pain, and meaning. DCP digital. (BS)

Director Jon Jost will be present for audience discussion at both screenings.


HAPPY VALLEY is also screening Wednesday, December 3, as part of the Gene Siskel FIlm Center Movie Club, with an informal conversation facilitated by Daniel Bernstein, WSCR Afternoon Co-Host and Senior Columnist for CBSChicago.com.


Fri, Nov 28th at 5:45pm
Fri, Nov 28th at 7:45pm
Sat, Nov 29th at 5:30pm
Sun, Nov 30th at 3:00pm
Sun, Nov 30th at 5:00pm
Mon, Dec 1st at 8:15pm
Tue, Dec 2nd at 8:00pm
Thu, Dec 4th at 6:00pm
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Chicago premiere!

  1. 2014, Amir Bar-Lev, USA, 98 min.

“Thorough, thoughtful and heartbreaking.”
–Kenneth Turan, Los Angeles Times

“Riveting…turns the tables on the national perception of the scandal.”
–Eric Kohn, Indiewire

This provocative documentary takes the conviction of disgraced Penn State football coach Jerry Sandusky on multiple counts of child molestation as the jumping-off point for a deep-delving look at the enabling role of an entire community. The misplaced rage of rioting students and the evasive maneuvers of university administrators are only symptoms of a phenomenon that was years in the making. Moving in concentric circles starting with Sandusky’s abused adopted son Matt and the family of idolized head coach Joe Paterno, filmmaker Bar-Lev (THE TILLMAN STORY, MY KID COULD PAINT THAT) looks at the role of hero worship in a town that dangerously put football on par with religion. DCP digital. (BS)



Fri, Nov 28th at 3:30pm
Sat, Nov 29th at 3:00pm
Sun, Nov 30th at 5:00pm
Mon, Dec 1st at 6:00pm
Wed, Dec 3rd at 8:00pm
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New restoration!

  1. 1964, Philippe de Broca, France, 112 min.
  2. With Jean-Paul Belmondo, Françoise Dorléac

“A crazy delight, a stylish, early-'60s pastiche that folds in every adventure-movie cliché you've ever seen, and possibly invents a few new ones.”
–Stephanie Zacharek, Village Voice

“A delightfully preposterous thriller, wittier than any of the Bond spoofs and a good deal racier than RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK.”
–Tom Milne, Time Out London

This chilly Thanksgiving weekend, how about a jaunt to sunny Rio and points beyond with the witty and colorful adventure spoof that longtime fan Steven Spielberg cited as a key inspiration for his Indiana Jones series? When a magical Maltec idol and an archaeologist’s daughter (the lovely, short-lived Dorléac) are snatched from a Paris museum by Brazil-bound thugs, her soldier-on leave boyfriend (Belmondo, performing many of his own stunts) sets off in hot pursuit. The ensuing non-stop chase involves every conceivable form of transport, from motorcycle to cable car to water skis to rickety bicycle to jungle vines to upside-down airplane. The film’s many set pieces include a surreal showdown in deserted, still-under-construction Brasilia that plays like a marriage of Antonioni and Harold Lloyd. And, if all that isn’t enough, there’s a cheeky, pull-the-rug-out twist at the end. In French with English subtitles. New DCP digital restoration. (MR)

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Fri, Nov 28th at 5:45pm
Fri, Nov 28th at 7:45pm
Sat, Nov 29th at 7:45pm
Sun, Nov 30th at 3:00pm
Tue, Dec 2nd at 6:00pm
Wed, Dec 3rd at 6:00pm
Wed, Dec 3rd at 8:30pm
Thu, Dec 4th at 8:00pm
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  1. 2014, Ira Sachs, USA, 94 min.
  2. With John Lithgow, Alfred Molina

“A wise and lovely film.”
–A.O. Scott, The New York Times

“Lovely...Lithgow and Molina are splendid.”
–Michael Phillips, Chicago Tribune

“A miraculously observant love story.”
–Joe McGovern, Entertainment Weekly

Director Sachs describes his critically acclaimed crowd-pleaser as “a film about love and real estate”--a phrase that neatly sums up its quietly devastating balance of heart and sharp-edged observational realism. It begins with the wedding day of long-time partners Ben (Lithgow) and George (Molina), but celebration turns to calamity when the marriage costs George his music teaching job at a Catholic school. No longer able to afford a New York apartment, the couple are forced to find lodging separately, fastidious George with gay cop neighbors whose party-hearty lifestyle hardly matches his own, skittish Ben with a nephew whose novelist wife (Marisa Tomei) and teenage son (Charlie Tahan) find his presence increasingly irritating. Sachs avoids sitcom obviousness for gentle humor and piercing accuracy, building to a climax of considerable emotional wallop. The performances of Lithgow and Molina have been widely praised as peaks in their distinguished careers, but the film spreads the wealth among a superb ensemble, with Tomei and Tahan especially outstanding. As added amenities, LOVE IS STRANGE makes superb use of its New York locations and Chopin-dominated score. DCP digital. (MR)

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