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Conversations at the Edge Spring 2019

Spring 2019

Conversations at the Edge is a weekly series of screenings, performances, and talks by groundbreaking media artists. The program is organized by the Department of Film, Video, New Media, and Animation at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in collaboration with the Gene Siskel Film Center and the Video Data Bank.

For more, visit www.saic.edu/cate.


Evan Meaney in person!

Evan Meaney: We Will Love You Forever

2007-17, Evan Meaney, USA, ca. 60 min.


  • Thu, Mar 21st 6:00pm
Curators Amir Salar Ashrafi and Jordan Arseneault in person!

Disorienting Diasporas

1998-2015, Various artists, Canada, ca. 60 min.


  • Thu, Mar 28th 6:00pm
Curator Nicky Ni in person!

Shards from the Mirror of History

2012-18, Various artists, China/Monaco/Japan/USA, ca. 60 min.


  • Thu, Apr 4th 6:00pm
Tabita Rezaire in person!

Tabita Rezaire: Network Blossom

2016-17, Tabita Rezaire, South Africa, ca. 60 min.


  • Thu, Apr 11th 6:00pm

Dawn Chan and Mary Flanagan: On Power and Play in Virtual Worlds

1980-2018, Various artists, Various nations, ca. 60 min.


  • Thu, Apr 18th 6:00pm
Laida Lertxundi in person!

Laida Lertxundi: Landscape Plus

2012-18, Laida Lertxundi, USA/Spain, ca. 69 min.


  • Thu, Feb 21st 6:00pm
Morgan Fisher in person!

Morgan Fisher

1970-2017, Morgan Fisher, USA, ca. 75 min.


  • Thu, Feb 28th 6:00pm
Rachael Rakes in person!

On Watching Men

1976-2010, Various artists, Various nations, USA, ca. 82 min.


  • Thu, Mar 7th 6:00pm
Jodie Mack in person!

The Grand Bizarre

2018, Jodie Mack, USA, ca. 66 min.


  • Thu, Feb 7th 6:00pm
Naeem Mohaiemen in person!

United Red Army (The Young Man Was, Part I)

2011, Naeem Mohaiemen, Bangladesh/Japan, 70 min.


  • Thu, Feb 14th 6:00pm