Film Series : Philippe Garrel: The Gift of Intimacy

The Crystal Cradle

Le berceau de cristal

1976, Philippe Garrel, France, 70 min. With Nico, Dominique Sanda, Anita Pallenberg.

Show Times

  • Sat, May 19th 4:45pm
  • Tue, May 22nd 8:15pm

"Garrel's most ecstatically impressionistic film. It may also be his best - we'll let you know as soon as the trembling stops." - Matt Thrift, Little White Lies

After his funding for his films began to dry up at the start of the '70s, Garrel found new inspiration in the cinema of Andy Warhol, producing a series of cheap, high-concept, ultra-rigorous film portraits mostly shot in the apartment he shared with Nico. An exploration of the artistic process, THE CRYSTAL CRADLE observes Nico as she smokes innumerable cigarettes and works out a series of poems which would come to comprise the lyrics to her 1980 album The Drama of Exile. Interspersed are appearances by Dominique Sanda, youth-culture icon Anita Pallenberg, and painter Frédéric Pardo, who take drugs, lounge around, and make art as if they were in a dream. Accompanied by a rich, hypnotic score from legendary German prog rock outfit Ash Ra Tempel, THE CRYSTAL CRADLE is one of Garrel's most abstract and haunting films, exuding an unshakeable somnambulistic power. In English (minimal dialogue). 35mm. (CW)

NOTICE: While the other selections in our series "Philippe Garrel: The Gift of Intimacy" have screened in recently struck prints or new DCPs, THE CRYSTAL CRADLE has not been the beneficiary of any preservation efforts. We will be screening an extremely rare original 35mm print which has faded partially to red.

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