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Czech That Film 2017

July 7 - August 3

The Gene Siskel Film Center presents Czech That Film 2017 in cooperation with the Consulate General of the Czech Republic in Chicago. Provocative comedies and dramas make up this series of six films with broad entertainment appeal.

Six filmmakers take unique looks at family and community, and delve into challenging and sometimes funny aspects of the past in these recent films. A mother’s relationship with her young daughter is haunted by a secret in THE NOONDAY WITCH, based on a folk ballad. A comic tale of two brothers involves larcenous hijinks in THE SNAKE BROTHERS, and a long-suffering husband rebels against his wife’s tyranny in the comedy-drama TIGER THEORY.

The tragic life and execution of a young misfit who commits mass murder is chronicled in I, OLGA HEPNAROVÁ. A scheming schoolteacher manipulates the parents of her students in Jan Hřebejk's biting satire THE TEACHER, and an ambitious Czech film star’s affair with Goebbels is fictionally recounted in THE DEVIL’S MISTRESS.

Barbara Scharres, Director of Programming