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Chicago European Union Film Festival 2018
Chicago premiere!

The Dead Nation

Țara moartă

2017, Radu Jude, Romania, 83 min.

Show Times

  • Fri, Mar 23rd 6:15pm
  • Mon, Mar 26th 7:45pm

"Hypnotic…stunningly evocative." - Jessica Kiang, Variety

"Striking in its aesthetic purity…a multi-dimensional snapshot of history." - Neil Young, Hollywood Reporter

A trove of 8,600 glass plate negatives of photographs taken between 1937 and 1946 in a Romanian small-town studio became the raw material for director Jude's (SCARRED HEARTS, AFERIM!) searing look at the fate of the nation's Jews in this film essay that comes together in the reality gap between what is seen and what is not seen. Grouped by year, photos of prosperous Aryan families and farmers posing with prize livestock, smiling young men in uniform, and children in Sunday best exist in synch with the raucous strains of fascist anthems and virulent anti-Semitic radio rants, and in stark contrast to narration from the diary of Emil Dorian, a Jewish doctor who meticulously recorded the rising tide of off-screen persecution and horror as it progressively impacted his life and career. In Romanian with English subtitles. Courtesy of Taskovski Films. ProRes digital. (BS)

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