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Film Series : Abbas Kiarostami


Tajrobeh / aka The Experience

1973, Abbas Kiarostami, Iran, 57 min. (Total show: 89 min.)
With Hassan Yar-Mohamadi

Show Times

  • Sat, Sep 7th 5:00pm

"Lyrical…one of the few remarkable portrayals of adolescent love in the entire history of Iranian cinema."—Ramin S. Khanjani, "Early Kiarostami: Poetry in Didacticism"

Scripted by fellow director Amir Naderi (THE RUNNER), EXPERIENCE centers on a lowly 14-year-old errand boy employed by a photography studio. His daily grind, detailed in terse, evocative episodes, is brightened when he seems to attract the interest of a girl from a higher class. This key early work already displays Kiarostami's distinctive uses of ellipsis, offscreen sound, and self-reflexivity—the latter expressed by the photography-studio setting and the extensive use of frames and windows.

Preceded by THE COLORS (1976, 16 min.), a playful catalogue of colors and the things that represent them, and BREAKTIME (1972, 16 min.), an errant schoolboy's adventure which Kiarostami called "my ideal film. This film is way ahead of TASTE OF CHERRY in terms of form, audacity, avoidance of story-telling, and indeterminate ending." All in Persian with English subtitles. New DCP digital restorations. (MR)

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