fbpx F11 AND BE THERE | Gene Siskel Film Center
Film Series : Film Center from Your Sofa


2020, Jethro Waters, USA, 84 min.


"Never shying away from hard issues like racial and social justice...should be required viewing for aspiring artists everywhere."--Rod Machen, Cinapse

"As beautifully composed as Uzzle's pictures...a subtle feast of light and color."--Glenn Kenny, The New York Times

For 65 years and counting, Burk Uzzle has created some of the most iconic photographs in American history. From Martin Luther King Jr. to Woodstock to America's small towns and back roads, Uzzle's photographs have provided a breathtaking commentary on American civil rights, race, social justice, and art. Initially grounded in documentary photography when he was the youngest photographer hired by LIFE magazine at age 23, his work grew into a combination of split-second impressions reflecting the human condition during his tenure as a member of the international Magnum cooperative founded by one of his mentors, Henri Cartier-Bresson. An electrifying fusion of music, image, and dialogue, F11 AND BE THERE captures the life and artistry of Uzzle, including his current portrait work with the African American community in Eastern North Carolina. [CC] Description courtesy of First Run Features.

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