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Film Series : Stranger Than Fiction

Family in Transition

Mishpakha BiTrans

2018, Ofir Trainin, Israel, 70 min.

Show Times

  • Fri, Jan 4th 6:15pm
  • Mon, Jan 7th 8:00pm

The Israeli couple Amit and Galit had appeared to have the ideal marriage, but, twenty years and
four children later, the husband Amit comes out as a transgender woman. Filmmaker Trainin
follows the family’s journey over two years in which the transitions take many forms, and
challenges come from unexpected quarters. Conservative neighbors may look askance, but the
concept of two moms comes easily to the kids, and the in-laws are wholeheartedly accepting.
Galit accompanies Amit to Thailand for the surgery that will complete her transformation, and
supports her through a recovery in which all does not go as planned. To all appearances, it
couldn’t be better when the couple remarry as women at Galit’s suggestion, but the happy
wedding day signals a new period of rocky adjustment when the two begin to evolve in different
directions. In Hebrew with English subtitles. DCP digital. (BS)

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