Closing night — RUSTY CUNDIEFF IN PERSON! Film Series : Black Harvest Film Festival 2018

Fear of A Black Hat

1993, Rusty Cundieff, USA, 88 min. With Rusty Cundieff, Kasi Lemmons.

Show Times

  • Thu, Aug 30th 6:30pm

"Funny and fresh, and filled with wicked little moments." - Roger Ebert, Chicago Sun-Times

"The best hip-hop film of all." - Peter Travers, Rolling Stone

Hip-hop got its own THIS IS SPINAL TAP with this affectionate but often deadly accurate satire of rapdom's early years. Follow documentary filmmaker/sociologist Nina Blackburn (Lemmons) as she covers a year in the life of the fabled group NWH (N - - -z with Hats) and its three founding members from Tough Neighborhood, USA: gun-happy Tasty Taste (Larry B. Scott), dim-bulb Tone Def (Mark Christopher Lawrence), and over-explainer Ice Cold (filmmaker Cundieff). Relive such immortal hits as "My Peanuts," "Grab Yo Dick," and "Guerrillas in the Midst," and the amazing music videos that went with them. Learn why their album "Kill Whitey" isn't really anti-white people, and why "Booty Juice" is actually a political allegory. Find out the real story behind the group's breakup, their subsequent solo careers, and their heartwarming reunion. Writer-director-costar Rusty Cundieff will be in the house with a 35mm print as we celebrate the 25th anniversary of his mockumentary classic. (MR)

August 30: Closing night! Filmmaker Rusty Cundieff is scheduled to appear for audience discussion. Immediately following Q&A, all ticket-holders are invited to a reception in Gallery/Café, courtesy of Fête Catering & Events.

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