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Film Series : Sinister, Singular, and Subversive: The Cinema of Juraj Herz

Ferat Vampire

Upír z Feratu

1981, Juraj Herz, Czechoslovakia, 93 min.
With Jiří Menzel, Dagmar Veškrnová

Show Times

  • Sat, Jan 18th 3:00pm
  • Tue, Jan 21st 8:30pm

FERAT VAMPIRE is a satire on consumerism, a potent piece of anti-automobile propaganda, and perhaps the purest horror exercise that Herz produced. Marek (Menzel) is upset to lose his ambulance driver, Mima (Veškrnová), to a job working as a rally driver for foreign car manufacturer Ferat, and even more upset when he hears whispers that Ferat cars use human blood for their fuel. Assaulted by censors, the film still boasts a blood-bathed dream sequence, a disturbing industrial soundtrack, and a piquant performance by Zdenka Procházková as Madame Ferat, a kind of Countess Elizabeth Báthory-as-industrialist. In Czech with English subtitles. DCP digital. (Description courtesy of Metrograph/Nick Pinkerton)

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