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Closing night film! Film Series : The 24th Annual Asian American Showcase

Fiction and Other Realities

2019, Bobby Choy and Steve Lee, USA/South Korea, 85 min.
With Bobby Choy, Im Hwa-young

Show Times

  • Wed, Apr 17th 8:15pm

Music becomes the common denominator in this cross-cultural romantic comedy when aspiring Korean American singer/songwriter Bobby (Choy) goes in search of his roots and falls in love. When his performing career is limited to singing in his mom’s bathtub, Bobby knows that a change of scenery is desperately needed. An offer to work as a rock band’s roadie on a Korean tour takes him to the land where he observes with glee that everyone else looks like him. As if by fate, tracing an old family snapshot brings him face to face with winsome Ina (Im), a young busker performing her songs on a park bench. The real cultural exchange is about to begin, with the music--a host of tuneful numbers and soulful pop ballads--front and center. In English and Korean with English subtitles. DCP digital. (BS)

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