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Finding Oscar

2016, Ryan Suffern, USA/Canada/Guatemala, 100 min.

Show Times

  • Fri, May 5th 2:00pm
  • Fri, May 5th 8:15pm
  • Sat, May 6th 4:45pm
  • Sat, May 6th 8:15pm
  • Sun, May 7th 3:00pm
  • Mon, May 15th 8:00pm
  • Tue, May 16th 7:45pm
  • Wed, May 17th 6:15pm
  • Thu, May 18th 8:00pm
First Chicago run! Ryan Suffern in person!

“Absorbing…the murderous civil right violations of one of Guatemala’s many military regimes are given an intimately human context. — Todd McCarthy, Hollywood Reporter

“Harrowing — but surprisingly, there are also moments here that may make you weep with joy…a superb piece of work.” — Jennie Kermode, Eye for Film

The creative fingerprints of executive producer Stephen Spielberg are evident throughout this documentary that functions as a mystery, a dramatic exposé of a little-known Guatemalan massacre, and a piece of humanitarian detective work that reunites the remainder of a family. On the night of December 6, 1982, the special forces of a Reagan-backed Guatemalan military regime descended on the tiny rural village of Dos Erres for a murderous spree that left every man, woman, and child dead. Years later, as the site is excavated and bodies exhumed, a perpetrator reluctantly confesses that two small boys were kidnapped and taken home by soldiers. One is located, and a 15-year search for the other, Oscar, ensues, unraveling a powerful story that encompasses history, politics and culture, and speaks to human endurance. In English and Spanish with English subtitles. DCP digital. (BS)

Note: Contains images and testimony that may be disturbing to some viewers

Friday, May 5 at 8:15 PM: Director Ryan Suffern is scheduled to appear for audience discussion.

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