World premiere! Tom Huang in person! Film Series : 23rd Annual Asian American Showcase

Find Me

2018, Tom Huang, USA, 104 min. With Tom Huang, Sara Amini.

Show Times

  • Wed, Apr 11th 8:00pm

"Tenderly told and visually sublime…striking in its subtle and meticulous allure." - Kathy Rong Zhou, Slug Magazine

"Cinematically innovative and deft, and a lovely work of art." - Christopher Llewellyn Reed, Hammer to Nail

One man's transformation comes by way of a travel adventure in this tragicomedy featuring spectacular vistas of the American West. Joe, an unhappily divorced corporate drone, is the target of affectionate needling by Amelia (Amini), a sprightly co-worker who pokes fun at his stodginess and regales him with tales of her frequent travels. One day Amelia disappears, leaving Joe only a handwritten itinerary and a cryptic note with the words, "Find me." Ditching obligations that include being a doormat to his ex and chore boy to his quarrelsome mom, he sets off for Amelia's "amazing other world," only to encounter a host of goofy accidents and pitfalls that await a couch potato in the great outdoors. Director Huang (WHY AM I DOING THIS?) brings a touching world-weary pathos to the role of Joe, which serves him well in the film's unexpected finale. DCP digital. (BS)

Director Tom Huang is scheduled to appear for audience discussion.

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