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Chicago European Union Film Festival 2017
Chicago premiere!

Greetings from Fukushima

Grusse aus Fukushima / aka Fukushima, mon amour

2016, Doris Dörrie, Germany, 108 min. With Rosalie Thomass, Kaori Momoi.

Show Times

  • Sun, Mar 12th 5:15pm
  • Mon, Mar 13th 6:00pm

"Lensed in poetic black-and-white with the German helmer-scribe’s trademark whimsical fantasy and peppered with absurdist cross-cultural gags, FUKUSHIMA offers a refreshingly quirky perspective on a heavy subject." — Maggie Lee, Variety

"A thought-provoking film that plays with its storytelling tools to delve into human psychology, the aftermath of disaster, and how we can survive through small everyday ways." — Sarah Jilani, FilmDoo

Dörrie's (MEN, CHERRY BLOSSOMS) most recent excursion to Japan is set in the seaside town of Fukushima, triply devastated on March 11, 2011, by an earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear accident. Dörrie approaches this potentially ponderous material with her customary combination of offbeat humor and sharp social insight. Her heroine is gangly, gloomy Marie (Thomass), a self-described "spoiled German bitch" who journeys to Fukushima with an NGO called Clowns4Help to cheer up refugees, uncharitably hoping that other people's misery will take the edge off her own. After proving to be the world's worst clown, she is yanked out of her doldrums by the elderly but feisty Satomi, who claims to be the area’s last surviving geisha and who stubbornly insists on reclaiming her ruined house in the off-limits Exclusion Zone. In this eerie wasteland, the two woman attempt to bridge cultural and generational gaps while confronting ghosts both psychological and supernatural. In English, German, and Japanese with English subtitles. Courtesy of Goethe-Institut Chicago. DCP digital widescreen. (MR)

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