Film Series : Czech That Film 2018

Garden Store: Family Friend

Zahradnictví: Rodinný přítel

2017, Jan Hrebejk, Czech Republic/Poland/Slovakia, 130 min. With Anna Geislerová, Ondrej Sokol.

Show Times

  • Fri, Jul 20th 8:00pm
  • Sun, Jul 22nd 5:00pm

"Ranks right alongside Hrebejk and Jarchovsky's finest work…heartbreaking and multilayered…achieves an exquisite balance between comedy and drama." - Jason Pirodsky, Prague Reporter

In this first installment of an intended trilogy, director Hrebejk (HONEYMOON, KAWASAKI'S ROSE) blends fraught drama and ironic comedy to chart the fortunes of a sprawling family after three brothers working for the Czech resistance are caught in a Gestapo web in 1939. Betrayals and shifting bonds fray the clan as sisters-in-law Ela, Bedriska, and Ana (Geislerová of THE NOONDAY WITCH and BEAUTY IN TROUBLE) raise their children alone while their men are imprisoned in foreign camps. The unmarried family doctor Jiri (Sokol) falls into a comfortable domestic relationship as benefactor, surrogate father to the children, and would-be lover, a desire complicated when advance news of a husband's fate proves unreliable. In Czech and Polish with English subtitles. DCP digital. (BS)

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