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Film Series : CPFF2020


2019, Gary Keane and Andrew McConnell, Ireland/Palestine, 89 min.


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  • Fri, Sep 25th 9:30pm

“Moves beyond the one-dimensional representation often presented to us…personal, compassionate and beautifully shot.”--Roe McDermott, Hot Press

“Poignant and powerful…the story belongs to the people who live there.”--Fionnuala Halligan, Screen Daily

The images speak for themselves hauntingly, as Irish filmmakers Keane and McConnell create an entrancingly lyrical and life-affirming portrait of Gaza and its people, even as Israeli shells continue to fall in the streets where children play. Facing the Mediterranean and only 25-miles long and 7-miles wide, this much fought-over strip of ancient land bristles with tenacious life, observed in its moments of joy and playfulness as well as peril. A critical sensation at the Sundance Film Festival, and Ireland’s submission for Oscar consideration, GAZA acutely observes the people with a sensitivity to their struggle that transcends any overt political statement. A boy sleeps on the beach and aspires to own a boat; a teenage cellist plays her heart out; mothers, fathers and children are seen living each day reaching for the right to dream of a future. In Arabic with English subtitles.
Preceded by MARADONA’S LEGS (2019, Firas Khoury, Germany Palestine, 23 min).

Location: ChiTown Movies 2343 S Throop St, Chicago, IL 60608
Price: $28 (early bird special 30% off. Use code: CPFF )

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