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Golden Sting

The Golden Betrayal / Zlatý podraz

2018, Radim Špaček, Czech Republic/Slovakia, 106 min.
With Filip Březina, Patricia Volny

Show Times

  • Sun, Jun 16th 5:15pm
  • Mon, Jun 17th 7:45pm

This fictionalized story of the basketball team that scored the unprecedented Czech win of the European championship in Geneva in 1946, when the game was still in its infancy in Eastern Europe, creates a four-way intersection of comedy, pop culture, sports lore, and political tragedy. The briskly-told underdog tale begins in a post-liberation euphoria, when young lawyer Franta (Březina) revives the team founded by their beloved former coach, who was imprisoned and executed in the early days of WWII. Fueled by naïve enthusiasm more than technique, the team makes its way to Geneva and puts up in a brothel, where the ladies of the evening cheer them on to a hard-won victory. In a darker turn, the nation’s subsequent communist coup brings on rivalries and shifting loyalties. It’s a whole new game when an altered team arrives in Paris in 1948 to defend their title. In Czech with English subtitles. DCP digital widescreen. (BS)

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