Tuesday lecture series! Film Series : Apocalypse Then: The Vietnam War On Film

Golden Slumbers

Le sommeil d'or

2011, Davy Chou, France/Cambodia, 96 min.

Show Times

  • Fri, Apr 20th 4:00pm
  • Tue, Apr 24th 6:00pm

"Inventively directed, immaculately lensed and making excellent use of archival soundtrack songs...The choice of material and manner in which the final images are presented is pure poetry." - Richard Kuipers, Variety

"Rarely has the act of remembering felt so powerful onscreen...SLUMBERS excels because it trusts the audience to imagine its own version of Phnom Penh's golden age." - Sam Weisberg, Village Voice

Like DON'T THINK I'VE FORGOTTEN, Davy Chou's film seeks to conjure up a bygone area of Cambodian culture, in this case the popular movies of the Sihanouk era. But Chou, whose grandfather was a leading film producer of the time, is faced with an even more daunting task. Although many of Cambodia's musicians perished under the Khmer Rouge, much of their music survives on vinyl, videocassettes, and YouTube clips. Cambodian cinema, on the other hand, was almost completely destroyed; out of over 400 films, only around 30 still exist in degraded video copies. Chou addresses this absence by focusing, movingly and entertainingly, on the act of memory itself. A handful of surviving filmmakers, actors, and cinephiles describe and reenact the now-vanished films, while the camera roams the sites of once-grand movie palaces, now transformed into karaoke bars, crumbling residences, and empty lots. In Khmer and French with English subtitles. HDCAM video. (MR)

Tuesday lecture by Nora Annesley Taylor, Alsdorf Professor of South and Southeast Asian Art at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago

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