Film Series : Making 'Em Move: A History of Animation

The Good Dinosaur

2015, Peter Sohn, USA, 93 min. With Raymond Ochoa, Jeffrey Wright.

Show Times

  • Sat, Sep 2nd 3:00pm
  • Tue, Sep 5th 6:00pm

"Antic and unexpected as well as homiletic, rife with subversive elements, wacky critters and some of the most beautiful landscapes ever seen in a computer animated film." — Kenneth Turan, Los Angeles Times

Overshadowed by the massive success of Pixar's previous release, INSIDE OUT, Sohn's remarkable directing debut deserves wider recognition. The story takes place in an alternative-history world where dinosaurs have evolved into intelligent creatures capable of speech and farming, while humans are still grunting savages. A cowardly young Apatosaur named Arlo (Ochoa) must prove his mettle in the course of a rite-of-passage journey, accompanied by a puppy-like human boy he calls Spot. Set in jaw-dropping landscapes resembling the American West, the film pushes its exquisitely rendered photorealism to the brink of lyricism and beyond, achieving an animistic splendor that recalls Disney's 1937 classic THE OLD MILL. DCP digital widescreen. (MR)

Tuesday, September 4: Lecture by film historian Donald Crafton, Professor Emeritus at the University of Notre Dame.

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