Film Series : The Western: How It Was Never One

Greaser's Palace

1972, Robert Downey Sr., USA, 91 min.


Show Times

  • Sun, Dec 9th 5:45pm
  • Tue, Dec 11th 6:00pm

"An engaging slice of independent underground/above ground absurdity."--Glenn Erickson, DVD Savant

A religious parable, wrapped in an absurdist comedy, inside a revisionist western, GREASER'S PALACE is the most ambitious opus by hipster social satirist Downey (PUTNEY SWOPE).  A zoot-suited stranger with the loaded name Jesse (Arbus) parachutes into a previously god-forsaken corner of the Wild West, where the eternally constipated kingpin Mr. Greaser (Henderson) lords it over a populace of old coots and hard-bitten whores. Jesse amazes the locals with his ability to raise the dead, although he'd rather be celebrated for his singing and dancing ("I hear the agent Morris awaits me").  Offending one and all with anarchic even-handedness, the film's attractions include Toni Basil as a topless Indian maiden, Hervé Villechaize as a gay cowpoke, and Roger Corman alumna Luana Anders as a saloon singer/stripper named Cholera.  35mm. (MR)

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