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Chicago premiere!

  1. 2010, Joseph Infantolino, USA, 89 min.
  2. With Lee Tergesen, Melanie Lynskey

“Wise, luminous…a remarkably surefooted directorial debut.”
—Jon Frosch, Hollywood Reporter

Comedy and angst-filled 30-something drama blend seamlessly in this winter’s tale of four yuppie marriages navigating the icy shoals of discontent. Newlyweds Alex and Alice invite their three BFF couples for New Year’s Eve at a rustically posh weekend home in upstate New York, where surprise singleton guest Helena, a pretty blonde model with an English accent, proves to be the striking catalyst for the opposite of marital bliss. The characterizations and the satire are spot-on as uneasy male bonding exposes increasingly nasty rivalry, and the ticking of biological clocks threatens to drown out the sound of midnight fireworks. DigiBeta video. (BS)

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I was really not a fan of Helena from the Wedding. For a movie like this to work, the script has to be really sharp and enough to keep an audience into it -- the characters were all a little too one-dimensional and the acting showed that through. Too many shots of Melanie Lynskey or Lee Tergesen with puppy-dog eyes looking into the distance. I also think that the title is strange -- it puts too much emphasis on Helena, who is really a minor character and her affect on the film's story would normally be limited if it weren't fresh in the viewer's mind because of the title.

A better version of the cabin-in-the-woods-party-movie is Jay & Mark Duplass's Baghead.