fbpx Holy Boom | Gene Siskel Film Center
22nd Annual Chicago European Union Film Festival

Holy Boom

2018, Maria Lafi, Greece/Cyprus, 99 min.
Nena Menti, Luli Bitri

Show Times

  • Fri, Mar 29th 7:45pm
  • Wed, Apr 3rd 8:30pm

A teen blows up a mailbox on a dark Athens street, setting off a chain reaction that affects four disparate strangers and causes their lives to intersect in an unholy dance of survival. The seemingly random events of a fatal traffic collision and the loss of a birth certificate in the mailbox ultimately connect Adia, an undocumented Albanian immigrant and her newborn; rebellious rich-girl Lena and her drug-dealing Nigerian boyfriend Manou; and elderly neighborhood busybody Thalia, whose eyes don’t miss a trick. Director Lafi nudges harsher elements of the story toward forgiveness in the face of betrayal, and leaves the impression of a city redeemed by unexpected pockets of compassion. In Greek and Albanian with English subtitles. DCP digital widescreen. Courtesy of Inkas Films. (BS)

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