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Film Series : Abbas Kiarostami


Mashgh-e Shab

1989, Abbas Kiarostami, Iran, 78 min.

Show Times

  • Fri, Sep 13th 6:00pm
  • Mon, Sep 16th 6:00pm

“A major film by the greatest of all Iranian filmmakers.”—Jonathan Rosenbaum, Chicago Reader

Presented as an exercise, a simple documentary inquiry into the problems presented by the after-hours work that children take home from school, HOMEWORK proves to be anything but. Little boys flock around the filmmaker in the street, excited at the prospect of appearing in a movie. The shadow of the Iran-Iraq war looms in the background, and the day begins with a schoolyard assembly in which teachers lead the children in warlike patriotic chants. Inside, the boys are interviewed one by one, variously shy, bold, frightened, merry, or sly. Through Kiarostami’s probing questions and sensitive portraiture, there emerges a touching disconnect between the innocence and helplessness of the kids and the film’s larger picture of an unforgiving system meant to mold them into unquestioning obedience. In Persian with English subtitles. New DCP digital restoration. (BS)

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